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Non-Arsenal Transfers: Summer 2024

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I mean that doesn’t take away from how **** Raphinha is which is my point
I haven't watched him at Barca. Just when he was with Leeds he was great one for the fantasy football. Barca are so badly run. It's quite impressive to a degree how they've managed to turn gold into ****. Just looking and his stats are quite impressive for either wing. I'm all for Williams though. Would definitely prefer him but Raphina can play both wings but is less explosive.


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So United have made offers for Yoro, De Ligt and Branthwaite?

Probably they will hold on of De Ligt & Branthwaite on stand-by until there will be a ultimate decision on Yoro if Real will pay the money or not.
Maguire and the Sweden dude are both leaving, Varane probably leaving for Saudi.... Licha is prune to injuries, so yeah, If I were them, I would be looking for at least 3 bodies there, I remember by the end of the season they were playing like 3 unknown kids at the back.
I can see the kid from Everton and De Ligt moving there. None of them are fantastic signings IMO.


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£50M for Raphinha? I could see us do it..

Reckon Nico is probably number 1 at this stage still.
we are not brigning Raphinha we have Saka.

if something we should be bringing an exciting left winger, if Rashford is available we should push for him and bench Martinelli.


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we are not brigning Raphinha we have Saka.

if something we should be bringing an exciting left winger, if Rashford is available we should push for him and bench Martinelli.

I think Raph could comfortably play on the left.

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Chelsea doesn't make any sense these days

They gonna force it until it works mate. But I think this probably gonna be more structured now. They and Sp**s are doing the same thing... buying up the young talent and wanting them to grow old together.

Also, Maresca is a Pep clone, so they'll be more boring and structured like City and ourselves.

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2024 Summer Transfers Deadline

Daily Transfer Updates

Friday, July 19

Marseille would offer around £20m for Eddie Nketiah, but it’s likely that Arsenal would ask for more [Alan Nixon - The Sun]

West Ham are frontrunners to sign Reiss Nelson and a fee of £15m-20m could be enough to clinch a deal [Evening Standard]

Inter and Juventus have asked Arsenal about loaning Jakub Kiwior, but the club will only let him leave on a permanent transfer [Goal Poland]

Academy striker Chido Obi-Martin visited Manchester United’s training ground to discuss a move to the club [AcademyScoop]

Crystal Palace are preparing a £30m bid for Emile Smith Rowe [Ed Aarons - The Guardian]
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