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Non-Arsenal Transfers: Summer 2024

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Except they spent about £230 mil on 2 fat midfielders who can't run and another 80 million on a Ukrainian sprinter. If only they could channel Mudryk's running into Enzo

Their downfall is as sweet, if not sweeter, than United's.

For all their ills, United are a proper heritage club. Chelsea are just the BNPs Sports PR firm.


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Think City will go quite big this summer. Linked with the likes of Branthwaite for defence. Bruno G / Joao Neves for midfield, Paqueta / Musiala for attacking midfield. One of their itk on Twitter says it’s expected they’ll break their £100m transfer record this summer.


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Their downfall is as sweet, if not sweeter, than United's.

For all their ills, United are a proper heritage club. Chelsea are just the BNPs Sports PR firm.

All that aside both clubs are competing to be the worst ran clubs in world football. Which isn't even a joke. With Chelsea playing moneyball while paying fees associated with world class players. And United buying once good past it men for world class players fees.

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Arsenal fans are have been force fed that we need 'duels, duels and duels' centric players. :lol: targeting Everton/Sociedad players

Arsenal fans are not stupid bro.

Many have been saying it here since Xhaka left, there is a need for a ball playing 8 to reignite our left side. It was made clearer in the Champions League knockout stages.

Paqueta would be a strong signing, but he is probably City bound. One of Douglas Luiz or Frenkie De Jong would be good options as well.

But yeah, City signing both Musiala and Paqueta takes them up a level again. They would be clear favourites for the PL and CL next season with them coming in.


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If rumors are to be true. Bayern might lose: Kimmich, Davies, Gnabry, Coman and Musiala in one transfer window. If that is the case, certainly, they won't be playing with a fourback and three front attack next season, because you can't realistically replace that much quality in one transfer window.

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did Newcastle seriously were in right state of mind to agree this clause? 🤣 they finished 4th last season ffs

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