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Non-Arsenal Transfers: Summer 2024

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De jong if he available for 60M would be worth take a risk but his performance this season not been great. Still should be considered an option for our LCM


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Looks like there will be loads of managerial merry go round then, wonder where Moaninho will end up at


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These 2 are apparently on massive wages right? Otherwise 120m to fill our 2 most glaring squad gaps would be amazing.
I imagine Nico isn't on anything that would be considered massive by a top 8 prem club? Bilbao are generally a mid-table La Liga club and there's not the same amount of money as in the premiership.


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Kimmich, Musiala and Paqueta 😂

Pep knows the teams around him are creeping up. They’ll probably flog Bernardo Silva this summer if someone pays the 50m they want.

That's next years title sorted then. Reminds me when Jose won the title when he signed Costa and Fabregas.

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Saturday, May 18

Arsenal‘s interest in Ivan Toney has waned. It is unlikely he will join this summer and neither will Alexander Isak, with the club no longer interested at his £120m price [John Cross - The Mirror]

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