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Non-Arsenal Transfers: Summer 2024

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Stevo the Villan

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The rumour is that there was PL interest but Villa turned it down for a worse deal on getting the player to go overseas. I wonder what @Stevo the Villan thoughts are on this. Are those players good enough when you could of got straight cash from PL clubs? It seems like a false economy.

I mean selling RVP to United was horrible, but we got Santi Cazorla, Giroud and Podolski from most of the funds. And it made sense long term for us.
By all accounts one of the main reasons we're accepting players as part of the deal is for PSR reasons. From what I've heard, 20m plus the two players goes on the books as a 60m deal which is almost all profit.

I'm not particularly enthused by either player we're getting. I don't rate McKennie and I haven't seen much Iling.

But if those are players that Emery wants then I can see why the deal made sense. 60m profit including signing two players.

That deal plus the Duran transfer could be 100m or so of profit. That wipes our PSR losses out in two transfers

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