Non-Arsenal Transfers Thread: January 2022


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I wonder if we could pull it off. City won't sell to top 4 rivals, but we aren't that right now. With Arteta's links into City it might help get a deal done.

Pretty sure Sterling would like to continue to win big titles. He wont do that with a fraud like Arteta.


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seems a pretty bad time to get a big contract abroad... wonder if Newcastle try to nick an early one 🤷‍♂️

We should be all over this. Proven world class player at the highest level, knows the league, still only 26. We need a right footed wide player to play on the left as well. Sterling and Saka out wide would be elite.


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Mino & Pogba have managed the last decade pretty perfectly. Think its just one contract extension in 2014 as too much money a week to leave on the table. 👌

More top players need to follow & stop clubs making mad sums of money on them every few years. 💯


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