Non-Arsenal Transfers Thread: Summer 2021

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Yes Orny it's related to Grealish they very active in this market and want to spend the grealish cash. Ward-Prowse is good player.

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i swear i never heard of those players and how he is valued 10M.

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Not sure I get the point that Horningstein guy is trying to make, Alaba isnt the damage.

The damage is done when its a combination of transfer fee + wages, usually multiple times like Griezmann, Coutinho, Dembele etc.

Signing Alaba on a free isnt the issue, paying them wages on top of massive fees is.

Edit: just re-read it and I get it now, hes highlighting the difference between what Bayern offered in wages and Real :facepalm:

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They sold Harrison to Leeds i never knew he was city player. these guys and chelsea really dragging football in the mud.

You go down the list and it’s crazy how many guys have played for City or Chelsea.

It really is turning the game into asset trading and when you hear all this grim stuff about people trafficking from Africa, South America and Eastern Europe it’s worrying.

Football is still a joke in terms of regulation so if the time was ever here for FIFA or UEFA to actually put some rules in place it’d be now. How can they just buy and sell about 20-30 players a window, it’s grimy.
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