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Non-Arsenal Transfers Thread: Summer 2021

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Yousif Arsenal

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City doing what Bayern do in the bundesliga, meh.
Its was only matter of time really how much is thier wage bill? Over 700m?
I agree. Although I don't think Buendia and Bailey are intended as replacements. Buendia was signed before all this City stuff happened, and Bailey has been linked for a while now. Plus we have offered Jack a new contract so the intention is there to keep him. We'd have signed those players anyway.

But I agree, we won't be replacing Grealish with anyone as good, quite simply because we can't. Anyone as good as Grealish is way out of our league given where we are, not that there's many players out there better than him
Replacing Grealish is extremely difficult he was the most talented and fun player to watch last season i think Buendia if he continues he impressive form championship villa won't miss Grealish much


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Ward-Prowse would be a very good signing for Villa tbh. Looking at his numbers, he had a solid amount of goals/assist last season. His chances created and goals from set pieces are worth it alone.

Bailey is a massive gamble tho. They should have tried to sign Raphinha since they probably wouldn’t be able to get Neto or Pereira.

Flying Okapis

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Aren't City currently in court for breaches of FFP or financial doping?

Shows how much they think of it if they making big signings.

Yousif Arsenal

On Vinai's payroll & misses 4th place trophy 🏆
He forcing himself out. This is not surprise it's only way he'll be allowed to leave maybe he'll go and refuse to play if he forced to stay


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Kane hasn't got big enough nuts to join Chelsea from Sp**s. It would be a poor move as well. City guarantees trophies.

He'll engineer a move to City. Sp**s should take £125m and run.


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Damn, wonder if he'll get the Sterling treatment. I don't think Sterling ever refused to turn up to work so fully expecting all the media to slaughter him.
Wasn’t he given extended leave after the euros? Thought that’s why they were saying he’ll miss the first couple of games?

Yousif Arsenal

On Vinai's payroll & misses 4th place trophy 🏆
Chelsea aren't interested in Kane all thier eyes is on Haaland and they can afford to wait next summer for it. It's only city for Kane sadly this deal if happen with Grealish specially if pep stay there the league will be very one sided next 3-4 years nobody can compete with that manutd won't no strong depth and they injury away of Bruno one of Maguire or Varane to be in trouble Liverpool are struggling to improve they have alot of players should be moved. Only Chelsea specially if they added Haaland and imo still won't match city.
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