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Non-Arsenal Transfers Thread: Summer 2022

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Levy took seriously forever to get that Championship RB to Sp**s. at one point the deal was nearly off.

no one asking Sp**s where the money coming from? interesting.


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Richarlison is extremely talented but he’s been in the league for years now and has always been very hit and miss. The inconsistency would drive me crazy.

However, if there ever was a manager to get him to focus and unlock all that natural talent on a regular basis, it’s Conte. So this signing is definitely pissing me off ffs.

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Ah, man, idk. I was seeing someone make the case for him, but I've had enough Chelsea players. Even Tammy for that matter.

Every Chelsea player we’ve ever got going all the way back to Benayoun has been a guy who Chelsea had squeezed every last bit of football out of.

CHO on the other hand is young and looked good as a wing back. Don’t know if he’s a starting winger for us but I like what he can do a lot.


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No football official (except Edu since he is dumb) will ever do business with Deco again if its slightly possible that Barca may get interested in the discussed player.


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Barca just sold 10% of their media rights for the next 25 years for around £250M. They are about to go on spending spree.

Barca is about to take all Chelsea transfer targets.

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