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Non-Arsenal Transfers Thread: Summer 2022

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lowkey think this benefits utd. Also can't have Ronaldo playing in the europa league his last years lol. A cl club needs to save him


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Guy is planning on using a defence of


Shambolic stuff.
And they're banking on Varane to get back his speed, level and staying fit.

Otherwise it's back to the fridge who no one knows how to move, heaviest matter on earth.


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Checked redcafe to see how they cope with having likely to spend huge money on some mystery starting striker suddenly.

I laughed at this. As if Ronaldo is a horse who will stay if you give him a carrot that says "Captain." :lol:

"I won’t believe it until Romano or Ornstein reports it. We need him to stay, he’s our best goalscorer and should be made captain - maybe that could be the carrot."


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I reckon this Terry Hage is absolutely ****e as well. Easy to win the Dutch league.

Ronaldo has heard enough from his moles at the club after a weeks training to know he’s a clown.

Sussed him out from early, knew he was a fraud.

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Was away for a few days, one of you fill me in on how Cope-Mania dealt with Sp**s showing more ambition than us by signing the better Brazilian forward, thanks in advance.


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Didn’t reports come out weeks ago he wanted to leave?
I somehow have the impression he always wanted to leave if there is no UCL. But I forgot about it, United forgot about it, and we all got a nice Saturday surprise for the evening!

Who needs Jesus announcement, when you can have Ronaldo ****housement?
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