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Non-Arsenal Transfers Thread: Summer 2022


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With De Ligt possibly going to Bayern we’ll see if there’s truth in the rumours that Juve want Gabriel

Halcyon Daze

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Will Bayern have the money to outbid Chelsea? Do Bayern have someone that Juve might want in exchange?
The corrupt cash has gone. Todd is not even as wealthy as Stan. Can’t see why Bayern couldn’t outbid them. PL aside, Bayern are a big pull and I’m sure they can find the money. Will always be a bigger pull than Chelsea.


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He does guarantee goals. At the expense of other players.

Year before Ronaldo joined juve:
Dybala - 22
Higuain - 16
Khedira - 9

Year Ronaldo joined juve:
Next top scorer - mandzukic - 9
Keane - 6
Dybala - 5
Ok so you may have forgotten you said ronaldo killed the output of these goal machines. Not really true is it, and juve won quite a few trophies with ronaldo there.
What are you talking about?

Who said any of those players mentioned were comparable to the level of Ronaldo? I’m talking about him stifling the output of the attacking players around him, which can clearly be seen by the statistics. This has got worse the older he’s gotten as his desire for his personal accolades far outweigh his desire to help his teammates achieve theirs. Countless examples of this can be seen with him getting annoyed by a teammate scoring instead of him.

In regards to benzema, with Ronaldo in the team he scored over league 20 goals just twice in the 9 years they played together. Since Ronaldo left, benzema scored 20+ every season. It’s well documented that benzema took a back seat for Ronaldo (rightly so given he’s one of the greatest of all time).

17/18 - 86 goals - no Ronaldo
18/19 - 70 goals - with Ronaldo
19/20 - 76 goals - with Ronaldo

20/21 - 73 no Ronaldo
21/22 - 57 with Ronaldo

Getting arguably the greatest goal scorer of all time, cost both of those clubs 16 league goals. But Ronaldo got his goals, so it must be the players around him that are crap.
You compared benzema when you said look how many goals he is scoring since ronaldo left. He is scoring alot and nobody is denying that, but my point is benzema couldnt get a sniff because benzema is not as good as ronaldo. You then say benzema rightly took a backseat to ronaldo, what on earth is your point then. Ronaldo scored record levels of goals, the club scores less but the club wins more trophies. Thats not ruining output, that is called success.

I dont see why you have a agenda with a world legend. His accolades and his achievements for trophies for these clubs is something likely never to be repeated. He didnt drag down any club, i say again he elevated the clubs and players to achieve success beyond what was expected. Go look at his trophy haul for the clubs, the players he played with played at elite levels to win those trophies. To say ronaldo killed all the players output but still managed to win god knows how many leagues trophies, champions league is a idiot arguement by you.

You want to know what kind of player ronaldo is then go watch the portugal final. He wasnt even on the pitch and he inspired those players to win. He told moutinho to take the pen and listen to what he said.

Im a messi fan but i cant help but sit in awe not just of ronaldo but the utd team, the madrid team, the juve team. What those teams achieved is a dream for a arsenal fan. Now i see a elite goalscorer playing with fred, pogba, rashford, fernandes, mctommacrap and your saying he is the problem. You stick ronaldo up front for us instead of laca last season then you think we bottle 4th?

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