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Non-Arsenal Transfers Thread: Summer 2022

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Think they know this is their one chance to stay in the PL so they’re just throwing sh*t at the wall.

They were lucky-ish to get up last year. Not on the level of the yo-yos like Watford, Norwich, Fulham etc.


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Did we at least include a sell on clause or anything? but generally sell on clauses for a 33 year old won't be a normal practice I guess

I wouldn't worry. Nothing sticks to Mikel, so I wager Auba hits the ground running, goes on a scoreless spree, gets a hat trick against us, goes on a scoreles spree, scores a brace agains us, repeat.


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Player: Jesus

Depay to Juve

Total agreement between Juve and Depay
The striker agrees to a two-year contract with a record close to 7 million euros.
remains to find a solution with Barça: free exit or symbolic price.
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