Non-Arsenal Transfers Thread: Summer 2022

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just read yesterday that Sp**s targeting John freaking Mcginn. they still can't move on from this counter attacking style if they keep like this the day Son and Kane can't do it anymore they'll be in too much trouble.

also they in CL if they don't bottle against Norwich they should target better players.


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I like Wan Bissaka he just hasn’t been coached. But would have to trust Ten Hag on this.


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That’s what I don’t get about money, after a certain point surely it’s all the same, there’s no tangible difference between having 100 million and 150 million, either way you have a sh*tload of money.

Must be something in the human brain that just can’t stop when it has enough of something, same thing that makes people obese.


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Of course obese people have stigma attached to them, but for some reason if you’re a greedy git who can’t stop going after money you don’t have the same stigma, you actually have a higher social status.

Rich people are just fat people, but the fat’s on the inside.

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