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Non-Arsenal Transfers Thread: Summer 2022

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Thinks Ramsdale is beautiful

Player: Ramsdale


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Can see one of them being target for us tomorrow If Danilo deal not happen. Douglas Luiz available for 12M


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Yeah seen a bit of PSG and Neymar has been the star player so far.

Weird one if they sell him because who’s the replacement?
He doesn't realise that he can only be so lazy because Neymar does all the build up & chance creation for him. He does less off the ball than a 35 yr old Messi ffs
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This is a big moment of happiness...we waited a long time for this and the happiness is linked sometimes with the suffering, and the time that you have to wait....this was more important than all the other (trophies) we have twice won the double, but were not under pressure then like we were today.

Arsène Wenger, on winning the 2014 FA Cup

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