Non-Arsenal Transfers Thread: Summer 2022

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new chelsea owner likely going to give tuchel up to 200M to spend this summer.

PL is getting out of hand

Man city unlimited money to spend
Liverpool can spend up to 150M without problem
Chelsea 150-200M no problem
United 150-200M no problem
Sp**s they having 150M budget
Arsenal up to 150M
the rest can get spend up to 80-100M and yeah Newcastle who are new man city.

it's a super league.

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Whose buying Neymar?

His contract is til 2025 and he earns something like £33mil a year, PSG would have to help out with that.

Newcastle I suppose could make a statement signing but that seems pretty dumb considering he has been a mercenary for 5yrs and not exactly done much in that time, I dont know why they would want that to continue that at there club.

He's 30, always seems injured and appears to bring drama.

Personally I think a club would be insane to buy him, even on no fee and just his wages seems a risk.


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See Sp**s have been linked with Spence and Kostic for their wing back signings. For £35M - £40M for the pair, that's a great way to solve your wing back issues.
Can't see Kostic working in a Conte system. I mean going forward he'd be perfect with his crossing ability, but he's a lazy ****, not sure if he'll deal with the defensive demands

Yousif Arsenal

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Hlozek who we were yesterday interested and linked with is getting close to move to bayern Leverkusen for 22M€
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Not a player transfer, but Kompany seemds to become Burneys new manager. Could be an option to send Sambi on loan to Burney this summer.

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