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Nuno Tavares: The False #3


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Other than some crosses that reached Saka because Lacazette managed to distract Telles I don't remember any attacking contribution from him. It's not like Dalot was struggling or anything

If it's because he can carry the ball forward, Tierney can do that too without making the LW disappear and even involving Auba more, so what is he exactly doing well in attack?


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When people say that he is fun to watch they are actually saying that he is a non-intelligent player.


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He made one lung busting run that Auba should of found him for a cutback for an easy chance at the 6 but he didn’t and hit the shot from a tight angle at De gea otherwise he was really poor but so were a number of guys. Kt should of started


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Could never bomb forward to play circus so all he could do was be a defensive mess and throw away the game.

Tierney is clear, on every aspect.


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Whats is Arteta doing with him because it certainly isnt coaching him. Look at any Pochettino team, they close down every single fkin time, you do not get space. Under Arteta it seems a mild suggestion that a forward shouldn't be in acres of space.

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Good manager would of took him out of the firing after his mistake against man u so soon after his previous one. Should be nowhere near the team not even backup for a while.

Like arteta is personally wanting to make this kid a star to fuel his ego rather then thinking of the team

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He'll get the blame fir the lose throw in but I look at the lack of intent from our forwards to even invite a throw towards goal. He should have stated with Tierney on to close a game out. Arteta will hang him out to dry. With the lack of coaching, he's not that much below a young Clichy. Imagine a proper manager would mould him instead of plucking his eyebrows and picking fights randomly.

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I think there is a player in him but you dont keep rewarding a player who has made two errors leading to goals in his previous 3 with more minutes the next game.

Poor man management from arteta. Nuno confidence has gone. The liverpool game even before the error in the 2nd he was all over the shop in the first 45.

Detrimental to his development and the teams


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Bringing him on was absolutely terrible by Arteta. His strengths are in the attacking third, yet he gets subbed on when we're a goal up defending against Everton pressure.


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Europa League and a new manager will do this kid the world of good, I hope he's switched to develop on because he does have some great attributes. Walker like.


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Looked good in his first couple of games, but he's been a liability since then. My boy Tierney is levels above him.

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