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Nuno Tavares: The False #3

Pop Tart

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Said weeks ago that Tavares should not be getting game time right now , he is shaky. Think he has some talent but his weaknesses are outweighs the good. He needs to be taught where he is going wrong Instead of getting minutes. I don't like seeing him get taken off in the first half but it could of been avoided if arteta just stops playing him for a while. His confidence was low and will be so further now


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juice man

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Was awful and deserved the hook. We've seen lackadaisical performances alarmingly frequently at this early stage. Needs to up his effort or he will be (should be) shipped out shortly.


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Didn’t see the first half properly. What happened?

I assume he was already on thin ice for the throw in mix up with Partey that lead to conceding a while back, has he played at all since then? All players make mistakes but seems he has made a high number of sloppy/casual mistakes in his brief time here. Arteta ain’t got time for that ;)

Yousif Arsenal

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Seriously tho today performance was so bad. Arteta shouldn't replace him very early but mistake that will cost team a goal was coming he was doing everything wrong

Big Poppa

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He wasn't the only one that should've been hooked off early. Unbelievable that no changes were made at half time.

Pop Tart

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No need to react so strongly to a couple of bad performances. He's a 21 year old LB in his first season in a big league. He's done the job we bought him for (back-up LB) and shows promise.

I would start him again on Thursday. These cups are for these players to get better and continue learning, and Sunday is the real big match.
Let's start him for Sp**s and the rest of the season...

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