Nuno Tavares: Welcome to the Arsenal


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What a strange player. Loads of ability. Lot's of strange decisions. Rangy with a sloppy touch at times. Not entirely sure of his positional awareness.

But he just got up and played, even when he got stomped early on. And that was a really good cross near the end.

He will be a development project.


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He 's like a football version, of a "popcorn film" really.

He's not too bad, not too good...but he keeps you entertained all match!


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Let's be honest, he was woeful considering what he was up against. Still, there's some talent there but I don't think he's near ready to be backup to Tierney


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I thought that Tavares had a pretty good game last night he had some poor touches but he was putting in the effort to try and make things happen,
He needs a bit of time to get used to the pace of the premiership but he was an improvement on having Xhaka playing LB.


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He reminds me of our brilliant Eboue (yes I choose to remember the good times).

Incredibly athletic, plays by his intuition. Tactically all over the place. Never know what you are going to get.

Has the physical tools but extremely raw and needs to be carefully managed.


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I liked him last night. Any player that gets stuck in like he did gets my vote. It will be interesting to see how he develops, he could become a decent player.


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There is something really impressive about Tavares. He needs disciplined coaching but his potential is really top top drawer.

Two footed, rapid, can strike the ball sweetly off both feet. It’s a weird comparison but he reminds me of a young Gareth Bale. Really see his long term position being further forward too.

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