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Oleksandr Zinchenko: C’est Zinny


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He was not good today and I think his performance really encapsulates why he's rapidly becoming obsolete. The whole point of him being this auxiliary midfield presence despite playing at LB is that he's supposed to be good at doing midfield stuff but he honestly isn't so good at it that it justifies him being the top dog there nor does it mean he's an indispensable presence in the team. Passing was laboured and unimaginative, his carrying was subpar - it's ironic but his defending was probably better than his possession play today.

Don't hate the guy and I really don't think he's a bad player but sooner or later he's gotta get replaced.

EDIT: A lot of people's solution is to play Zinchenko at left 8 but given everything I've outlined, do you really think he's gonna offer anything more than what he does? I don't think so tbh.


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He should go and fight for Ukraine and nowhere near on the pitch. He is so bad that our defense became instant a liability!

Physically so weak and he does not overlap, making the midfield so crowded and losing so quick the ball that opponent can counter so easily!!!

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Unfortunately his time at the club should be up. He helped raise us a level and he seems like a great guy, but his weaknesses are routinely exposed at the highest level.

He would be a very good signing for a club in Italy or Spain that tends to have a lot of the ball and is looking to win the Europa League or push for a Champions League spot.

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He so bad during these kind of games he error prone he nearly gift Villa a goal twice and not sure where he was against bailey.

Arteta has to stop that with Zinny it's over with him time to upgrade


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Probably would have lost with Kiwi too today, but he was so shaky today. No idea why he wasn't subbed off today and White was.

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