Open Letter to Arsène Wenger

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    Dear Arsène Wenger,

    I am a high school student at Bellingham High School in Bellingham Washington, and I have been playing competitive soccer for our local soccer club Whatcom Football Club Rangers since I was able to in seventh grade. I love soccer and I look for different outlets to learn more about the game and be around it as well. Since I started playing, I watched professional soccer as motivation and to find people to look up to this is when I stumbled upon the Premier League on TV. Of every team in every league, my mom and I were drawn to Arsenal FC because of their prestige and the fun play that they tend to exhibit, flying down the sides of the pitch. However, recently I have stopped playing competitive soccer and I am only playing for the high school, making me a more vested fan for Arsenal. One of my favorite things about the club is the that the management is so consistent, but recently things have gone downhill.

    You brush off all the criticism thrown your way which was admirable at one point, but you have to take into account that some people may provide good points. I feel like you think you are like a god and cannot be touched, but you are more like a little boy who bullies and then runs back to his mother. You seem more like Enda Kenny in your leadership, than a football manager; it is all about the politics and the money. I would be fine if you acknowledged your failure, but you act like everything going wrong is just good for the club.

    Not only am I upset about the less than vocal effort to restore Arsenal to their former glory, the club has been losing profit and a fanbase that come to watch Champions league football as well as the Premier league play every weekend. According to UEFA, Arsenal made a 53.4 million euro profit from Champions league football in 2016 which cannot be accounted for anymore starting this year (Business Insider). This is significant because the club could consistently rely on this revenue in the past because you had qualified for the last 20 years up until this point. As a consistent member within the forbes most valuable football clubs, this financial turn should hold some appeal in the Arsenal boardroom. With no care, you are an adult living in your mom’s basement, taking the piss.

    This brings up a huge issue that plenty of Arsenal supporters have with you and the club recently. As of this month, Arsenal is the third most valuable English club, and the sixth most valuable club in the world. The only two english teams that are more valuable are manchester city who are right above them, and Manchester United who are the most valuable club in the world at the moment. Both the teams in Manchester are tied for first place in the league while Arsenal are currently struggling in twelfth place at the moment (Forbes). Many people associate this difference in how much each club spends on bringing in players during the winter and summer transfer windows. Arsenal do not sign key players in the window as you and the club have just failed to sign an upcoming French star. The Emirates stadium lights seem a bit more dim coming into the upcoming season.

    You should reach an ultimatum with yourself and the club. People are losing respect for the club because of your own mistakes and arrogance. Copa 90 US, a popular, mainstream, casual football commentary youtube channel has a commentator, Heath Pearce, a former professional, who would always back Arsenal, but these days all he does is just rail on the team and this is more or less representative of what has been happening to everyone else who has been or was a fan. Either start changing things around the club, or leave the club. This will prevent you from losing all of the people who support you, and, if you start changing things, keep the job that you want to continue for the rest of your life.
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    If you ever grow up, this place will be the sadder for it.
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    That ship sailed. My old man's an immature c0ck as well.

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