Our next 5 games...

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So on paper if we wanted to get top 4 you’d be expecting 10-12 points because we face some sides near the bottom of the table.

Problem is though we’re woeful away from home and Leeds and Norwich have improved recently.

It’s sad that form wise I’m not overly confident of winning any game of that five except for Southampton.

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None of those are easy with Tets in the hotseat.

Hassenhuttl is a better manager than he is. West Ham will bully us so bad you'd think the match was taking place at Upton Park (hated that ground).

Elland Road was never an easy place to visit, Norwich, for all their faults, are at home & we're in quite a charitable mood. Wolves have always been tough opposition ever since they've become Jorge Mendes' window shop.

It's not likely that we'll lose all 5 but it's also not inconceivable were it to happen.

And therein lies the tragedy of appointing Tets (who I genuinely thought was a plant among the contenders to make their respective resumes look better 🤣)


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Looking at that fixture list, 4 out of 5 minimum, all except West ham are bottom half clubs and should be won.


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Every team we face is going to feel we're up for the taking, 3-5 points total from the next five wouldn't surprise me at all.


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So we have 5 remaining games for the first half of the season:

Everton Away
Southampton Home
West Ham Home
Leeds Away
Wolves Home

I can easily see two of West Ham, Southampton and Wolves taking point(s) off us at the Emirates. Leeds could also turn us over at their place, especially with a fit Bamford and Raphinha firing.


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We win 5 out of 5 = We are going for the League.
We win 4 out of 5 = We will make CL
We pickup 11 out of 15 points = We will be right there until the end competing for Champions League spot.

I'm such an optimisit LOL
Damn - let me get my pessimist hat back on again.

Loss - Liverpool
Win - Newcastle
Loss - Manu
Loss - Everton

Southampton and West Ham could both be losses too. that would be 4-5 losses out of 6.
Relegation form.

How many Relegation level forms do we need go for past 2 seasons until our cowardly board make an EXECUTIVE DECISION. Fvcking hell. Arteta is the PROBLEM. He has been backed in the transfer market too.


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Norwich A (Win)
Wolves H (we might struggle to score here, but at home so Win)
Man City H (Loss, they are simply better than us at the moment)
Sp**s A (draw)
Wolves A (draw)

Maybe something along those lines.


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Take 6 points up till the City game and then give that one a proper go at home. I don't want to hear Pep praising Arteta like **** again after we've went 3 down after half an hour. I want to hear Pep angry and bitter after the game. That is when you'll truly know that we're back again and to be feared.


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jeeeez we were terrible last season. How did we only manage 3 points?? We lost at Burnley?? My selective memory is a God send.
I count 12 points this time

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If we're serious about the CL this season, we need to get maximum points from Norwich, Wolves H+A and Burnley.

We should be getting something from the City game, although if we do the business with the above three teams, I'd forgive them if they dont. The Sp**s game just ****ing sit tight.

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