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Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by asajoseph, Jul 23, 2004.

  1. weelip

    weelip New Member

    Ryan Garry...He made his full debut with Pennant in the match against Southampton in the 02/03 season. Apparently he gave quite a positive performance

    Unfortunately he does not have the chance to build on that yet as he spent most of the 03/04 season injured
  2. CMS

    CMS New Member

    i ld be ashamed if wenger listens to marilyn manson.....

    (as i see in ur avatar, correct me if i am wrong)....


    doh, it s the crow......
  3. gash

    gash New Member

    Cheers weeelip, i found his profile in the reserve squad. I was looking in the first team. I thought we'd made another signing. Panic ensued....

    And CMS...Busted? Seriuosly, sort yourself out!!!
  4. weelip

    weelip New Member

    Why the panic? 8) ....wont't it be good if there are more promising young players to play around with? :wink:
  5. zerofeel

    zerofeel New Member

    Wenger is making great addition to the unbeaten championship winning team of last season but how far this team will go next season is up for questioning if Viera,Campbell or even Edu decides to swap jerseys bfore the curtain raiser of the charity shield but the pre-season team is showing so much promises so there is still hope for the future of Arsenal.Pennant,Hoyte,Reyes and Persie really stood out in tat game against Maribor..it would be great if we can see Pennant and Hoyte being included in the senior team this coming August...looks like Chelsea will have to try harder to beat us ;D
  6. gash

    gash New Member

    The panic was because I thought we'd signed someone (with the same name as me) and I couldn;t find anything about it. I'm para like that I guess...or f**king weird...same, same.
  7. Arnie

    Arnie New Member

    he listens to busted. I mean i never took him for a tupac or biggie fan but how can he like busted. People his age like people who can sing.
  8. Arnie

    Arnie New Member

    Can't believe Arsenal 89 has polluted your mind!!!
  9. asajoseph

    asajoseph New Member Elite

    lol CMS, yup, that's right... the late great Brandon Lee... What a cool film...

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