Pablo Mari: Dream signing or NightMari?

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2 half decent games against West Brom and Brighton doesn't make a decent defender for me. Always out of position, ducking from balls in the box and constantly under hitting simple passes, something which is supposedly a major attribute of his.

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Just stood there watching for Soucek's goal. He's been praised for looking calm but that's only when he's not being run at. He's not good enough and we should pack him off if we get an offer.


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Not good today. Badly beaten for pace by Benrahma before Antonio hit the post, same when Rice went on his run. Passing wasn`t great and struggled in the air against Antonio.


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Not Arsenal material. If you look at all the sides that have won the Premier League in the past, there were no Pablo Maris laying around in their defence.

Arsenal can't keep building squads to finish in the top-6. The squad needs to be built in order to have a chance at winning every single game the team enters. This is the only mindset that leads to glory in a competitive environment like the Premier League.

The sooner the board realises that, the faster we get rid of the many "Maris" we have in the squad and start getting decent results.

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Think that was taken before lockdown, the last AM meet up.

Glad I never went.

Wasn't a full on AM meeting anyway just the Big **** Raul movement. All got in their best attire to look good when going down on him. Think a couple of them even wore cowboy hats.
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