Partnership between Arsenal and KSK Beveren

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by KSKBeverenfan(Belgium), Nov 25, 2003.

  1. Mark

    Mark New Member Elite

    thanks for the info beveran fans. if ya ya is better than kolo, than he must be good, hope to see him playing for us soon. :D
  2. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    I'd suspect he's like Vieira; fast when he gets going.
  3. Arjan

    Arjan New Member Trusted

    Sorry Adam, but belgium is not a language, it's a country!!!

    It is an interesting forum though, but they think that we are sending to few players over there!!

    I read that this summer they were hoping for:
    Pennant, Thomas, Bentley, Owusu-blabla, steps, tavlaridis, halls, stack, hoyte, svard and a few others.......

    And they are really affraid we take away Yaya and Kaiper(?) a striker.
  4. Beverenfan

    Beverenfan New Member

    No, Kaiper isn't good enough for you guys. Hope you'll only take Touré away from us, and noone else. Without Touré, I'm sure our team will be much less strong.
    Anyway, I'm going to search for a small movie from Touré, as soon as I got something, I'll let you all know so you can see his magic :lol:
  5. Beverenfan

    Beverenfan New Member

    Touré defeating a player with a great move!
  6. Archie The Leper

    Archie The Leper New Member

    Looks like a big strong lad
  7. Beverenfan

    Beverenfan New Member

    This is the close-up pic of Yaya Touré
  8. Beverenfan

    Beverenfan New Member

    Yeah he's big and strong. Every player has a hard time playing against him. It's really difficult to take away a ball from him!
  9. Archie The Leper

    Archie The Leper New Member

    Is the blue the home kit & the white one the away?
  10. Beverenfan

    Beverenfan New Member

    Well, the yellow and blue ( like Touré on the pic) are the kits we play in every match. Just when another team has more or less the same colours, we use some kind of dark blue ones. The white kits are from the previous season, they aren't used anymore
  11. Beverenfan

    Beverenfan New Member

    Sorry, I had it a little wrong. The white ones are used when another team has the same colours. So yes, we play in white often! Sorry for my little mistake, just got home from school :wink:
  12. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    That would be brilliant, thanks.
  13. GoonerGurjit

    GoonerGurjit New Member Elite

    Yaya certainly sounds very, very promising! A lot of Arsenal players have gained a lot of experience at Beveren. The link up is beneficial to both clubs.
  14. Taozhe

    Taozhe New Member Trusted

    Would love to see a clip of him too. like him dribbling, passing or scoring :)
  15. Jinn

    Jinn New Member Elite

    He's got Kolo's ears!
  16. kajej

    kajej New Member

    Hahaha Jin i swear i was looking at the picture i didnt reat your post yet and thats exactly what i thought..i think Kolo only has one of his ears like YAya's ;D
  17. Beverenfan

    Beverenfan New Member

    We're playing against Racing Genk tonight. We're hoping to get a win, it will be hard though. Let's all hope Yaya has one of his big matches again 8)
  18. A.Hussain

    A.Hussain New Member

    Gd' luck :mrgreen:
  19. Taozhe

    Taozhe New Member Trusted

    Would appreciate it if you guys report how Yaya has done :)
  20. Beverenfan

    Beverenfan New Member

    Beveren has won on a fantastic way against Genk: 3-1!!
    We played them away for 90 minutes.
    Yaya played a superb game, he was the man of the match.
    Good news: you can see the matchreport here:
    Be quick, it's only this week. Yaya is our number 2, and he's tall, now you can see his magic on video. Have fun! :D Forza SKB and Arsenal!!!

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