Pascal Cygan (Out)

Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by KingReyes, Jun 16, 2004.

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  1. KaiserSnake

    KaiserSnake New Member

    Good luck to good ol Pascal Cygan. He was probably a cult hero for many of us fans. Thanks for the memories and who can forget his brace against Fulham last season. :)

    SAKURABA New Member

    2 milliuonsfor that Clown...

  3. shaz

    shaz New Member

    some of you guys are harsh on this fella. he was pretty decent especially in europe when the game is alot slower.

    i feel sorry for him that he has to go, as he's been a good server to afc, but i suppose the man has dignity and wants to work for his money as opposed to just sitting on the bench collecting money (read that you chavski scum!).

    so good luck salpac we wish you all the best!
  4. DannyGooner1982

    DannyGooner1982 New Member

    I dont know, Pascal put in some really terrible performances, and I stuck with him at the time. He slowly got better, but then he'd make some more errors.

    I felt sorry for him, but in the end, we can do with better quality defenders.

    So long, Mr Cygan, have fun with Bobby with the Yellow Subbies
  5. oOTruGunNaOo

    oOTruGunNaOo New Member

    all the best to you cygan.....you sorry, bald motherf**ker
  6. liam1886

    liam1886 New Member

    What on earth are you lot on about, he was awful, 2 million for him is a fantastic deal.
  7. Lev

    Lev New Member

    Top pro, maybe not the best CB we ever had, but got on with his job, did his best and never moaned. He deserves his chance 4 regular 1st team appearances if he can get that at villiareal, gd luck to him. will never 4get that own goal he scored when he stuck his head in the way of the shot, which sent the keeper the wrong way. loool. legend
  8. Eezyprogress

    Eezyprogress New Member

    Good Luck Pascal.

    Thanks for your efforts.
  9. Seed

    Seed New Member

    Ok 2 million seems a good bit of business for him, but even shorter of experience at the back now when our squad is getting thinner and thinner, I never thought I'd be saying I'd rather he stayed.

    People here starting mentioning Connelly, ****ing brilliant! we get any more injuries and have a big match, i'd take Cygan with a little more experience than Connelly or whatever other 17 year old Wenger plucks from the reserves. We need squad depth, damnit i just wanna see us keep players and get more cover!
  10. Seed

    Seed New Member

    oh... and i'll never forget singing "walking in a pascal wonderland" and cheering his every touch of the ball against Fulham, for what it's worth!
  11. quattro

    quattro Active Member

    great bench player and a really decent back-up cb. i've always thought that he got more stick than he deserved. hope he succeeds in villarreal.
  12. Bazza19

    Bazza19 New Member

    yeah what is up with all the loving, just go into the dump and arsenals worst player ever. anyway good luck and its great to see his i dont mind being 4 choice attitude
  13. >YounGunner<

    >YounGunner< New Member

    Cult Hero. Pascal Cygan because we all need a hero....
  14. koivu

    koivu New Member Trusted

    In a way, sad to see him go. A true professional. I'll never forget being at Highbury for his 2 goals...and the announcer saying that he only trailed Wrighty by 183 goals. That was Cygan's night for sure.

    Best of luck in Spain.
  15. weelip

    weelip New Member

    He really is quite decent for us. Think he got more stick than usual due to many of his errors actually becoming goals for the opposition. He did have the occasional good games for us. His attitude is top class - never complaining and just working quietly. In terms of contribution to the team, I would put him along the likes of Oleg "the horse" Lukzny and Andy Linighan.

    Anyway Good luck to him in Spain. Honestly I really will miss him...not only playing wise but because he has become the butt of some many jokes and hilarious moments here.
  16. Henry IV

    Henry IV New Member

    Pascal did make a lot of glaring errors but I don't think he was ever as bad as, say, Jeff Blockley or Gus Caesar. I was so glad for him when he got a Premiership winners medal in 2004 because he had performed solidly that season when he was needed to cover.
  17. junialum

    junialum New Member

    Goodbye Cygan, you were certainly error prone but you soldiered on when the fans hated you. You sat on the bench and ate your pride to let youngsters play before you.

    In short, you were a team player.

    And I thank you for that.
  18. ultimus

    ultimus New Member

    although I have Reyes jersey, I'm more sad to see the great Cygan leaves.
  19. choi12911

    choi12911 New Member

    2 million quids. What a rip-off. :lol:
  20. hujja

    hujja New Member

    Pascal Cygan, the man, the legend. :D

    He did have a great attitude towards the team but he just wasn't up to our standards on a number of tragic occasions.

    Well at least once Pires returns from injury (if he manages to ever get back), they can both sit on the bench and converse.

    "Hey, remember that time when we used to play for Arsenal.....?"
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