Patrick Vieira (Out)

Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by GoonerLuke, Jul 12, 2004.

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  1. chris66

    chris66 New Member

    This may be hopelessly naieve - but maybe at least part of the reason Paddy hasn't directly responded to all the speulation is that he is not in the UK? I know this is hard for some of you to believe, but in the rest of the world, what the Sun or the other rags say on a day to day basis is not that important. Maybe we'll hear from him when he is in the country.
  2. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    'Add's 188th Vieira non-talk explanation into data bank' :wink:

    The only souce of the whole sage is Vieira's silence, and we still cannot explain it.

    Apart from Vieira not talking - all we have is hints, and we have to read between the lines. How annoying is this sort of ***** footing? Very.
  3. USArsenal

    USArsenal H.Y.I.C. Administrator

    Rise and shine campers.......
  4. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    I want to wake up next to Vieira though this time. This will be after i have spent the whole day fixing every rumour by assasinating the key figures involved.

    Also i will aim to carve an ice statue of Paddy
    Play the piano and sing the Vieira song
    Save his life when he was choking but in the process breaking a rib (fails medical for Madrid
    Spend every groundhog day learning to play football myself (to replace Patrick)

    And pulling his bird so he asks for time off for personal problems. ;D
  5. thierrys_girl

    thierrys_girl New Member

    yeah me too :( but im not totally convinced his going yet
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    What exactly is the allure of winning the Champions League? Will it somehow cement Paddy's place amongst the game's greats-- especially if he wins the torunament with Real Madrd? I do not think so. His status will be more likely secured if he wins with Arsenal and leads France to either a world cup or an european championship without Zidane. And yet, this is given as the most likely reason why he wants to leave.

    I do not think that he-- Patrick is a fool. In fact I think him to be quite intelligent. I therefore cannot accept winning the CL as the main reason for his seeming insistance on leaving. Clearly if Vieira wants to move, it's because of money and a change of scene. I think he wants the 10% of the transfer fee, and higher wages. He also wants to play somewhere outside of England.

    As a counter to the general consensus that Paddy is intent on leaving, I provide that perhaps this is all a ploy to get higher wages. Either way, I think we should all hope that he stays, and not be so quick to usher him out of The Arsenal Footbal club. He is integral to our success as a team. He is our best CM, and one of our best players. He is also our captain, and most importantly, no important player has left the team in the past four years-- our stability is key as a team.

    I believe the board, along with Wenger and the players will do everything to persuade Vieira to stay, as they should. The fact remains that after this whole mess is settled, if Vieira stays, I do not for once believe his passion on the field will somehow decrease. Thus, do not be so quick to want him to leave because he is seemingly considering a move. He would not be human to not want to test the waters.
  7. Alexone234

    Alexone234 New Member

    I would rather see you doing that "bouncing boob" avatar ;)

    Anyway, I think that this whole saga is no longer boring but quite exciting. If, as I suspect, we manage to keep Vieira, it will be a huge blow to Real Madrid, whose unsubtle approaches after Perez won presidency need knocking back.

    in some respects, Vieira has become a pawn in a battle of wills, the established big club (REAL) and the ambitious challenger (Arsenal)

    I know we are seeped in History, but no one can tell me we're as big as Real, yet. But if we can just keep him, just pull those heart strings on Sunday, I tell you we could take those fascist f-ckers down a peg or two.
  8. Alexone234

    Alexone234 New Member

    and a very nice way indeed to make your first post. Welcome.
  9. GoonerGurjit

    GoonerGurjit New Member Elite

    I just want a conclusion to this saga one way or another. Its dragged on for so long! The latest reports are suggesting that the move has stalled coz Vieira is currently injured, or coz Vieira isn't happy with the personal terms being offered by Real, or coz Arsenal are holding out for more money. I don't think any body really knows what is going on. The press is just guessing like all of us. I have to say that if Vieira isn't happy with the terms Real are offering him then it does lead me to question his motives over his alleged desire to join Real.
  10. Alexone234

    Alexone234 New Member

    the Evening Standard tried to present this long saga about one fateful day when Vieira came to see Wenger who was concerned about Pats form, Pat thought about it an realised his poor form was down to the fact he was unchalleged for a position in the team, and needed to go somewhere where there was competition, i.e. Real.

    Poo poo. that is a story from thin air. Being that there are no other DCM's at Madrid who are better than edu, I think that idea sucks the big one.

    Press guessing, I think they have gone passed guessing and are now chucking words in a hat, pulling them out at random, then creation a story on the back of this rumours lottery.
  11. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    Some people falsely respect the standard - because it has a sense of locality.

    Doesn't stop it from trying to sell papers.
  12. sienna

    sienna Member

    The press are really pathetic. They know jackshit what's going on so they'll distort and exaggerate anything. That Evening Standard story is another example. Pure assumption. Like the writer would know what is going through Vieira's mind.
  13. Israeli-Gooner

    Israeli-Gooner New Member

    Have you seen what Paul Merson & Viv Anderson said today? Merson said we're "throwing away the Premiership", while Anderson said that Vieira's departure "could be the catalyst for the whole thing falling apart". My god, even if they're right- why on earth are they saying that?! They still care about Arsenal, I imagine, and they know as well as everyone the possible effect these sayings may have on the team, especially when it comes from such figures...

    At keast McLintock's comments were much more moderate... :roll:
  14. Alexone234

    Alexone234 New Member

    I think Paul Merson is a great example of why we can't moan at Pat if he leaves. Say Vieira stayed, regardless of how loyal he is, at some point in the distant he would be on his way to Bolton along with all the other unwanted stars. Where is the loyalty to the player then?

    besides, Vieira is staying because he wants to, thats what I say/
  15. Sol man

    Sol man New Member

    I personally don't think anderson is a gooner. I think he prefers united to us and he would love us to flop
  16. gunnersgal

    gunnersgal New Member

    lets just hope that it is all over very soon so vieira can get his mind on the new season, can real madrid play him in their champions league games now?
  17. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    That you mate. :)
  18. laolu

    laolu New Member

    if they qualify for the group stages, they can still register him to play for them then but he can't play in the qualifiers anymore
  19. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

  20. USArsenal

    USArsenal H.Y.I.C. Administrator

    they cannot for their 3rd round qualifying.... but if they end up signing him, and they beat Wisla Krakow (im sure they will), they can register him for the Group Stage...

    of course, this is IF they sign him.....
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