Patrick Vieira (Out)

Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by GoonerLuke, Jul 12, 2004.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    didnt i say he would come out and say exactly this?? :D:D:D
    he'll end his career here and i hope all of u who called him judas take that back
  2. SydneyGunnerFan

    SydneyGunnerFan New Member

    so the man himself is staying ay that is good news to hear before the first game of the premiership season
  3. voomboom

    voomboom New Member

    It doesnt matter now, 'cos he's staying and i've forgiven him...............

    he, he........
  4. Split

    Split New Member Trusted

    Fecking hell that's made my summer!!!

    Can't wait for the press conference

    although I'm still not 100% convinced that this what Vieira really wants!??
  5. johe

    johe New Member

    Ok, let's start a round of 'Vieeeeeeeeeeera ooooeeeeeeeooooooohhh'

    Volare, here we go! ;D
  6. jc8gooner

    jc8gooner New Member Elite

    Is it live on skysports news Jazz? I must see this. Hope he does indeed stay. I will welcome him back lovingly.

  7. Clarkey

    Clarkey New Member

    Nice to see some positive comments for once in this thread. At least Vieira admitted that he considered his future, and its obvious he left himself open all summer to analyse.
  8. RocktheCasbah

    RocktheCasbah New Member Elite

    To be fair to The Mail, Ian McGarrry had the story about the resumption of work at Ashburton Grove on Jan 5th 2004 bang on.
  9. Split

    Split New Member Trusted

    What is good about this is that for once the Arsenal website got the story first
  10. johe

    johe New Member

    Hey, this is the time we send mails and faxes to Florentino Perez's e-mail which Alexone234 provided us with. ;)
  11. she_gunner_wales

    she_gunner_wales New Member

    HELL YEAH!!!
    We love you Paddy! Vieraaaaa Whooooaaaa!

    (soz mods caps had to be warranted for this fantastic news!!!!)
  12. efurze

    efurze New Member

    Viera's future is no longer in doubt.

    Can we please abandon this thread now?
  13. voomboom

    voomboom New Member

    To the sun, the mirror, the star, news of the world, daily mail, express and extra especially marca and AS,

    UP YOURS YOU BUNCH OF LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HA, HA, HA..........
  14. James_London

    James_London New Member

    Ot's going to be on SKy Spors News in a minute. ie. at 12midday.
  15. RocktheCasbah

    RocktheCasbah New Member Elite

    Well, I hope all of you who were slagging him feel suitably stupid now, yes he thought about going, but why shouldn't he? He kept his mouth shut, as was his right and he made the right decision.

  16. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    ppl turned on him too quickly when nothin was confirmed
  17. Denish

    Denish New Member

    lol i knew it. like i said, everyones convinced he's moving, then he comes out and gives a statement at the last minute that he's staying, everyone loves him again and all his forgiven.

    god bless vieira.

    i was the one who informed the daily mail sports desk of the news :D i was on the arse website, saw that and it hadnt come up on the newswire. i said he was staying and theres a chorus in the office of: 'REALLY?!' cue everyone getting on their phones and making calls left right and centre. story of the day, courtesy of moi ;D
  18. patrick42uk

    patrick42uk New Member Elite

    i think we that turned against him had every right to. the fans deserved to be treated better. wenger deserved to be treated better and so did his team-mates. the club will benefit from him staying though.
  19. Split

    Split New Member Trusted

  20. bobbypires

    bobbypires New Member Elite

    You're really happy, mates. I was 110% confident he would stay, but I'm happy too because he finally says something. And he's committed to the club.
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