Patrick Vieira (Out)

Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by GoonerLuke, Jul 12, 2004.

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  1. Soler

    Soler New Member Elite

    I suppose we'd have to move Toure to sit there and effectively play three centre backs. We'd be ****ed.
  2. Wenger won't replace vieira with some big name, he's gonna either stick with what he's got and buy some back-up, or buy some unheard crap

    Sorry for being blunt but thats how i feel

    I know if PV4 wants to go then i don't begrudge him, its his career its his life
    He's had a fantastic time at arsenal and won many trophies and im sure he will never forget that

    I'd just be worried that were loosing a lot of experience and a player of the highest quality and were probably not gonna buy much to replace him

    I feel another flop in the champions league already

    Also if he was to leave don't you think now is the time?
    I mean i can't see him taking us to ashburton grove and then leaving?
    He is the captain
  3. King_Henry_14

    King_Henry_14 New Member

    + how will that help us against chelsea?

    ..............drogba / gudjohnson

    duff/cole lampard makelele Geremi Robben

    .................d e f e n c e
  4. fuma75

    fuma75 New Member

    if we lose Gilberto again, we can try this


    ------d e f e n c e -------------
  5. King_Henry_14

    King_Henry_14 New Member

    if he is going we definately need a cm
  6. thegame24

    thegame24 New Member

    If vieira and pires both g just like overmars and petit we should realistically win **** all this season and come 3rd.

    the bigger problem is if none of these unknows we sign dont buck up and make it the next year. At least Henry and Pires showed great quality before the double year this time though im not so confident.

    Eg Reyes hasnt shown me that he is capable of going past anyone and assisting for our strikers.
  7. Ratinho

    Ratinho New Member

    Like Vieira?

    And we were so succesful in it with Vieira.
  8. Soler

    Soler New Member Elite

  9. King_Henry_14

    King_Henry_14 New Member

    fuma75, when defending Hleb would drop back and form a 4 3 2 1 ?
  10. ok so we are gonna be more succesfull without vieira?

    we'll just stick in the crap we have

    we won't even get past group stages i mean come on?!?!


    are you actually an arsenal fan?

    does the words Patrick Vieira mean nothing to you?
  11. Ratinho

    Ratinho New Member

    Are you a complete moron? Engage brain before speaking.

    Vieira has been one of the best things to happenm to Arsenal since Tony Adams. However, 'the crap we have'?? Won't get past the group stages? When players leave you move on, and we bring in new players to replace guys who've gone.

    Maybe you should follow Vieira, not Arsenal, if you thinkn he's the only reason we've been able to even compete rcently. :roll:
  12. fuma75

    fuma75 New Member

    naw, Flamini & Kolo can handle it.
    Hleb plays shadow for Titi.
  13. Ratinho

    Ratinho New Member

    Right mate, now i've got over the anger of having to respond to that utter tripe up there, i'll respond. ;)

    Afaik, Pizzaro is on his way to Inter. Diarra ia still a possibility, but probably at around £10m now. Nasri is not even a consideration at this stage, not as a direct replacement anyway, and I don't believe M'Bami is good enough yet, but I wouldn't be too upset if we had a look at him.

    .......and breathe. :D
  14. mavi

    mavi New Member

    we would be losing so many things if he goes... remember some premier league clubd are scared of him when he is in the middle
  15. Ratinho

    Ratinho New Member

    Y'know, I don't think the clubs that we need to be scared of him, actually are anymore, i.e. United, Chelsea, Liverpool.....

    I don't think there is anything to suggest United are anymore, or have been for a while, put it that way.

    Don't get me wrong, given the choice, i'd put this to bed now, give him a contract for life, and go back to our preperation. But he wants to move on too, so we have to.
  16. Tony Montana

    Tony Montana New Member Elite

  17. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    hahahah i love hearing this. In the past i have backed up vieira 100% when people were saying that he should be sold in the summer, or that we should have sold him ot madrid on the verge of the transfer window, i just laughed... Now however when push comes to shove you guys are all crying and begging that he stays... You alll deserve it you all gave him so much **** that if he read this forum he would leave with 0% confidence. You all deserve what you get
  18. Tony Montana

    Tony Montana New Member Elite

  19. Tony Montana

    Tony Montana New Member Elite

  20. And we were so succesful in it with Vieira.
    Vieira has been one of the best things to happenm to Arsenal since Tony Adams

    your twisted guy

    vieira is a player that you build your team around, im not saying you cant move on without him but it will be very difficult
    he's a leader for heavens sake and teflon in our midfied
    you can't build a team around players like gilberto, cesc and flamini
    1 day maybe
    if you really think selling vieira is a positive move then thats pathetic
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