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Pedro Neto


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They could use some Neto money on a new 9…

As I said, he was one to watch this season. Similar to Tierney, I feel he got labelled injury prone though mostly impact injuries which is a little unfair as both his last major injures have been ACL and ankle, but now he’s picked up a hammy injury, similar to KT.

I just wouldn’t risk it in January. For all we know he’ll come back and not miss a game to the end of the season.

I like him, but probably one of those you pass on, kinda like DCL.
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Neto would be the perfect option for us this coming window, all things considered.

Allows to to let Saka fulfill his destiny to become the best central midfield player in the league, it's almost time @Trilly 😍
Just swap Nketiah for Neto. Use the cash for Ferguson or Toney. Get a decent LCM who's creative in in the summer and get a new player for Partey or Jorginho (Partey can't stay fit, passed the 30)
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