Pep Guardiola's Manchester City: Jesus Wept

Discussion in 'Football Talk' started by clockwork orange, Sep 13, 2015.

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    I think you have to give him some credit, hard pushed to think of many better coaches really. He made City play significantly better football and transformed Sterling's very apparent weaknesses in to strengths. Certainly makes it easy for himself by only taking on rich clubs though.
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    Meh, he does play attacking football I'll give him that


    Mourinho has had more of an impact with less
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  3. Would you like a lemon with that pint of bitter?

    By the way, since when have Barcelona B been the best team in the world, Barcelona first team had 50% of the German national team, and Bayern Munich been the richest team in the world?
  4. YeahBee

    YeahBee Sign all the Swedes

    reserves doesn't count

    yeah I am bitter, shouldn't you be pissed and outraged? you loved your club before the sheiks (I pressume otherwise you are not a real fan anyway)

    How the fvck can you stand and applaud success that stems from that money?

    atleast for us Usmanov (who only has a minority share) is just a crook
  5. I couldn't give a toss where the money comes from, I don't make the decisions that run this or any other country, ergo I don't make the decisions about what is, and what is not acceptable.

    The owner passed the fit and proper persons test, and for your information, he doesn't RUN Abu Dhabi, but is part of the government.

    Should he be deemed unfit to own a club in the future, then so be it, I'll still be at the games, just like I have for the last near-on four decades, that alright with you?

    You are just bitter of what has happened with City, be honest, you couldn't give a fk about third world employees, or human rights in other countries, that's just a smokescreen so you can vent your hate.

    Quite pathetic really. Long live Usmanov. And give Wenger a new, ten year deal. We can all talk crap, pal.
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  6. Mark Tobias

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    Just because you don't give a rat's as$ about human rights or third world employees doesn't mean we don't. I know your retort wasn't to me but I am from a developing nation on a third world continent. This is huge deal to me.

    For the record, I can totally understand your stance as well. It matters not where the money came from and yes, most fans are just jealous of what you're getting to witness with your team right now. So I can understand your sharp tongued rebuttal. Just keep in mind that football isn't the only passion of members on this forum. We have quite a few posters here who sincerely care for the human race as a whole and the general direction in which it is heading. Don't project.
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    That's actually quite fitting for your post.
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    What's up with the lack of fans though? Genuine question.

    I didn't pay much attention to City before their success so I don't know if they've always had trouble filling the stadium, but to have so few empty seats for a cup semi-final was quite jarring. Either there aren't enough fans, or they've already become numb to the success? I don't know.

    I realise the Emirates is rarely full these days too, but that is categorically because many have been worn down by attrition to the point where they don't feel the results justify the ticket prices. That's not an excuse, I think we should be filling it and I think the club should be doing something about it. But if we had a team like City we'd have no problem putting bums on seats.
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    They don't have very many fans in the country, let alone in Manchester. The 13 year olds in NY who like them because of FIFA aren't going to be making the trip very often.
  10. We don't have the same fanbase as the historically successful clubs, it's that simple. People have to pick and choose games to suit their pockets, and this coming right after Christmas, when we are still in 4 competitions, was a step too far.

    We have already added 18-20k on our gates from Maine Road, I think we have done really well to keep as many fans as we did, seeing as we were utterly dreadful for around 30 years.

    I'm there more or less every home game, tho I do miss a few in midweek due to work schedules and time constraints.

    What really is bizarre, is the amount of our season ticket holders that pick and choose games. Our league games are sold out most of the time, yet loads still don't actually go. I think on tickets sold, we are still at around 98% most of the time.

    I think there's a general apathy creeping in across the country too, as you said, you are starting to see empty seats, it's happening at united, spurs, and a hell of a lot of other top flight clubs, has football reached saturation point, where people are becoming bored of it?
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  11. Yeah, ok then. :D
  12. Mark Tobias

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    Quite possibly this perceived boredom or apathy setting in is due to the ridiculousness of the market and a growing sense of realisation that for 90% of match going fans the cost of the product is not necessarily justified in the quality of the product. Another factor could be the shrinking middle class which leads to more match going fans opting for streaming/tv or cheaper alternatives.
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    Let's hear your excuses for a half-empty stadium around a team playing the best football the PL has ever seen.
  14. Mark Tobias

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    The usual responses/reasons from fans here in SA when asked why they support their clubs.
    Liverpool - "Great history and connection to South Africa." Most fans support the team because of a family member's influence.
    United - You get the glory hunters but there are many who support for other reasons. My mother for example only supports United because Gary Bailey played for them and he is South African.
    Chelsea - Before 2005 there were not many. Increase in support here is definitely tied to their recent success.
    Arsenal - No doubt a fair amount of fans only support due to the 97-05 era however there are a few who became fans due to the ethos of the club and style of play between 2002 and 2012.
    City - I know about three city fans. Every single one of them only recently began supporting them and you can tell this because they have one or two shirts (from the most recent seasons).
    Tottenham - Yes, we have idiots here in SA too. No idea why anybody would support them and I couldn't be bothered to find out...

    The other clubs do not really feature although I know die hard fans who support the below teams regardless of how they perform. Most seem to have just picked a team randomly
    Sheffield Wednesday - this poor lad picked badly. Somehow managed to import a top though.
    Aston Villa - Know a couple of them. True fans. Not sure on reasoning.
    Leicester - Only know my dad who has supported them since the 70s. He simply picked them at random when, as a teen, his brother (and the sole influence for my being a Gunner) asked him who he syupported.
    West Ham - Know two people who were raised there.
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  15. When was that?
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    As did the arms dealer at Portsmouth.
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  18. Well that didn't go to plan!

    Was happy to see van Dijk out of their side, as I thought we'd struggle against him on set-pieces attacking-wise, then I saw David Silva was not going to be starting, due to a stomach bug, and it counter-acted that. :(

    Well deserved win for Liverpool, 4-3 flattered us really but it was good to see us keep going at 4-1 down, the last few seasons we probably wouldn't have. Good game of football to watch though. Years ago wouldn't have been able to walk back through Stanley Park in the dark without getting set-upon by a mob of scallies, so I suppose that was a bonus :D

    Sterling should have been left on the bench, he horribly underperforms every time we play at Anfield, no matter how he left them though, there was absolutely NO justification for the few Liverpool fans that aimed monkey chants at him. I wonder what that Liverpool FC will do about it (it was reported)? Probably nothing, given their past history on that subject.
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    As much as I want to be happy about their defeat, Liverpool are the victors in this and Man City will still win the league. Premier League depression continues.
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