Pep Guardiola's Manchester City: Jesus Wept

Discussion in 'Football Talk' started by clockwork orange, Sep 13, 2015.

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    It got out of hand
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  4. If there's one thing Guardiola seems to have a lot of, it's self-confidence.

    Good, comfortable win last night for us, at a ground we traditionally struggle for 3 points.

    Lovely to see 'El Mago' bang in a couple of goals, such a joy to watch, going to be devastated when he finally leaves, hard to believe I've had the pleasure of his displays for nearly 8 years already, and to think, people thought he was too lightweight for this league.

    £24m well spent.
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    This bit made me chuckle: "The Bayern president feels he could have prevented relations between the doctor and Guardiola deteriorating so badly, had he not been serving a jail term for tax evasion at the time."

    I could imagine his thought process here;
    Bayern president:
    "Oh if only I had paid my taxes, I could have smoothed things over for the coach and the physio. Nevermind avoiding jail, scandal, loss of reputation, and leaving my family :lol: those are nothing compared to Bayern's staff squabbles."
    "I should have been there... DAMN IT!" mentally slaps himself in the face several times in an inward expression of violent of remorse. "Damn the government!"

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