Per Mertesacker: The BFG

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Aevi, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. Ricardinho

    Ricardinho La Liga Correspondent

    Similar to arteta in that he probably played on a year too long. Should've gone out on the high of the cup win.
  2. GDeep™

    GDeep™ Biggest United Supporter In India

    He was making noises about mental fatigue after the WC.

    He’s an interesting character, I won’t be surprised if his heart has not been in it for a few years.

    I like him though.
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  3. Tir Na Nog

    Tir Na Nog In Big Trouble If He Speaks

    Stuff like this seriously needs to end under the next manager, you can afford an Adams or a Vieira to stay around a little longer than you might expect as long as they're still playing some games but it's a bit ridiculous when you have guys like Diaby, Mertesacker, Flamini, Arteta, Rosicky and even now with Cazorla all barely contributing and still on the pay roll for a season or two after they should have probably gone. Even when you have Cech as first choice when he's clearly past it because his competition can't reach high enough to touch the crossbar and relying on an injury prone rapidly declining Koscielny because all the under options are under 23. This type of stuff can't happen anymore, it's almost like Wenger has backtracked on his over 30 policy, we really need to get back to that, we're not rich enough that we can afford to be paying players who just aren't contributing.

    I can sort of make an exception for Per because he's an excellent character and will become a coach and always seems to be helping out but even that's at a stretch.
  4. yousif_arsenal

    yousif_arsenal King of Twitter Rumours Moderator

    All you mentioned there because of Arsène and his faith on almost finished players any other manager will not give new contract to players who are injury prone or finished at top level. With new manager I'm 100% sure these things won't happen
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  5. Stannis

    Stannis Well-Known Member

    He can pass the mantle of the BFG to Mavraponas
  6. Ricardinho

    Ricardinho La Liga Correspondent

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  7. Ricardinho

    Ricardinho La Liga Correspondent

    We got a big f..... Greek man
  8. Ricardinho

    Ricardinho La Liga Correspondent

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  9. Garrincha

    Garrincha Wilf Zaha Aficionado

    Good to see him finally move on to a position he is passionate about & hopefully start benefiting the club.

    I appreciate the mental fatigue & bodies that big get run down but would be lying if I denied being a little disappointed he never stepped up when the defence was on its knees & Wengers job in danger.

    We played 3 cbs for a while so he was perfect for the middle one & the games he played this season we actually got a decent return of points.
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  10. Brown Gooner

    Brown Gooner DoN'T ceNsOR maH FreE SpEecH

    Legend! For as limited he was as a player, he made the best of his other attributes.

    ¡Danke Per!
  11. Mrs Bergkamp

    Mrs Bergkamp Well-Known Member

    This was great to listen to. If he can instill some of his inner steel in to the next generation and guide and train them,then our academy might produce a real deal.
  12. Stannis

    Stannis Well-Known Member

    I know I have said it before, but you don't play over a 100 games for Germany without having some about you.

    Hopefully, now he is gonna Per can be appreciated beyond just being a meme due to his lack of running speed.
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  13. Ash10

    Ash10 Well-Known Member

    His reading of the game was immaculate, easily one of the best in that aspect....never had the pace but his mental attributes were off the charts which paved the path to have a highly decorated career....BFG is a legend
  14. Tosker

    Tosker Hates Foreigners

    sounds like he's going to make a great coach
  15. Ricardinho

    Ricardinho La Liga Correspondent

    A great send-off for the big man.
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  16. THunter

    THunter NOT In A Caravan Trusted

    Wonder how fans/players from Germany etc feel watching that send off. Shows how classy the club is, you’d hope they think the same.
  17. Ricardinho

    Ricardinho La Liga Correspondent

    Pers best moments/matches in an Arsenal shirt?

    Header against Tottenham/ third goal to kill off villa in the 2015 cup final/ performance in the 2017 cup final all have to be in contention.
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  18. Tir Na Nog

    Tir Na Nog In Big Trouble If He Speaks

  19. tap-in

    tap-in Nothing Wrong With Me

    Was just going to post this article. It will be interesting to see how he does, eye push ups before games, that really is fine tuning :) I think he'll be a good coach and he's absolutely right, its not just about training with a ball and gym work, you have to do the extra things if you want to get the most from your career.
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  20. Mrs Bergkamp

    Mrs Bergkamp Well-Known Member

    Thanks for everything Per. Now get our next gen of defenders up to speed.
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