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Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang: Auba And Out

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Another journalist confirming the story. According to him they were supposed to leave on Wednesday and return to the clubs but they kicked them out of the squad today because there was a commotion at the hotel and the hotel filed a complaint (the girls back to room thing and ensuing fight is why the hotel lodged a complaint).

Why the f*ck is that leech Willy Aubameyang at the team hotel?


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Tbf Auba and Lemina getting sent home cos of partying is a lot more plausible than them both having a heart problem, seeing as they were both videoed partying in Dubai not long ago.


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Auba did post story in his Instagram if someone speak French can help translate


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The process of bringing girls up to a hotel room while hammered has always been executed without a hitch in the past.

Now suddenly under Major Artetas tyrant rule have we started to have problems...more evidence that he cannot handle the big name players Im afraid 😡

(In all seriousness cant Auba sue the hell out this @FreddhyKoula chap if he has posted blatant lies?)


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trembling in awe at the process.
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Wait...so is the partying story real?


I think you owe Mikel and Yousif an apology, tbh.

Auba is too important to Gabon team so even if he did something dumb, the vultures wouldn't have heard about it, but people are just too thirsty and eager to justify Arsenal's bullshit.

People on here should have known better instead of second guessing his health problems.
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Drinks, girls, fights with hotel security, heart problems, parties in Dubai, Lemina now threatening to retire from international football. These fellas have had a busy week. Im just gonna assume Aubas brother was hanging about armed with a Glock throughout all of these shenanigans based on his previous social media output.

Anyway, best of health to the players & best of luck to Gabon.
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