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Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang: Auba And Out

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He's done.
Personally don't even like the guy that much, spends far to much time with his annoying **** of a brother. They can take their constant " Sweg, FOFTY and 'my captain' " videos, and go irritate a new fanbase in January with it.

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This lad is banging a hattrick v Everton, you just know!

He still has one goal scoring run madness left in him, I know it.
Not really helping when he keep missing from 3 yards out despite auba being useless whole game he easily still could've got 4 goals in his name last 3 games. To be fair Kane worse than him don't know what happening with both these guys


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As an pure poacher he needs to be putting away chances. Yes he's been pressing well but if that's all a striker had to do we'd play Elneny there.

An out of form Auba is playing possession football with a man down, it's just not going to work.


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One of the most likeable characters in any Arsenal teams. Would have been a main stay in a stable team, which the current team is anything but. He's done his bit for the club and deserves no disrespect, but it's time to fold the cards.


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I can’t be mad at him when we don’t even put one through ball in for him to run at he’s just pressuring defenders all game something he’s not good at and is always playing so deep.


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Love the guy, and do feel he's been underappreciated somewhat as an Arsenal player. Scored goals in rubbish teams, basically singlehandedly won us a trophy (no mean feat, look at United/Sp**s, haven't won anything in years), but the magic has gone.

Whether that's down to him declining as a player or Arteta's tactics is irrelevant, Arteta isn't going anywhere. We need a CF that can effect games, it's like we are playing with 10 players (9 if you count Ødegaard), at this point. Lacazette has to be in the team, either as a 9 or 10.


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Why is he smiling when he misses those easy chances. Is it because he thinks no one will be on his back, or takes it as a normal thing, or just strange reaction to the failure?
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