Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang: Back To His Old Tricks

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Batman, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. Batman

    Batman Bruce Wayne

  2. DanDare

    DanDare Emoji Merchant and Believer-In-Chief Trusted

    I expect another season of elite goal scoring and terrible outfits

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  3. Mrs Bergkamp

    Mrs Bergkamp Established Member Trusted

    Stay fit, keep scoring my captain.
  4. Rex Banter

    Rex Banter Got Swerved By Gallas Trusted

    Team killing it. Drip too hard.
  5. Oxeki

    Oxeki New Threads, Old Tweets

    Another 30 goal season.
  6. TakeChillPill

    TakeChillPill Well-Known Member

    What a player!
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  7. yousif_arsenal

    yousif_arsenal King of Twitter Rumours Moderator

    Why these bunch if trolls c**ts aren't announcing his new deal?
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  8. celestis

    celestis Arsenal-Mania Veteran Moderator

    Yeah I remember that vid of him dancing there:lol:
  9. BigPoppaPump

    BigPoppaPump Points Out The Obvious

    He's a great goalscorer but I feel like he can be a passenger and it's not too hard to mark him out of games. He's really our only threat so teams know if they mark him out the game Lacazette or Pepe aren't gonna do much.

    I wonder how him and Arteta will deal with that in the future.
  10. Aussie_gunner123

    Aussie_gunner123 Well-Known Member

    Surely if all these tweets about Auba re-signing soon must be right & going to re-sign sooner rather then later?
  11. roz

    roz Fake News Merchant

    Gutted he’s leaving. Thanks for the goals Auba
  12. Macho

    Macho Has Trust Issues With Processes Trusted

    Why pretend :lol:

    Wasn’t you hoping for a Giroud return?
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  13. Pyres7

    Pyres7 Well-Known Member

  14. roz

    roz Fake News Merchant

    HP man for brekky.
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  15. Harry Hunter

    Harry Hunter Active Member

    If he scores today he should do the Black Panther celebration as a tribute to Chadwick Boseman who died of cancer.
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  16. Football Manager

    Football Manager Copy & Paste Merchant

    Hope he will score today.
    Will be great if he has learn some skill moves from willian, just one is enough, will make him a much better player.
  17. GeorgiaGunner

    GeorgiaGunner #FreeClaude

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  18. GDeep™

    GDeep™ Dissociating

    I think he’s signed. Don’t know what they’re waiting for in terms of announcement.
  19. Ewarwoowar

    Ewarwoowar Well-Known Member

    Is there a hint for the signing of da ting in this?

  20. Manberg

    Manberg Predator

    How does the Auba thread only have 1 page? :lol:

    Shows that we’re only interested in debate rather than being happy. We are not worthy.

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