Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang: From Thriller To Bad, Should He Just Beat It?

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In the context of everything, in terms of this season, the first leg misses and thinking about the late miss vs Olympiacos last season, this was a really big moment for Auba. One of those moments were all of a sudden the big wages are somewhat justified and you remember why he earned himself that contract in the first place.

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He looked hungry early on. You could tell he was desperate to atone for not putting the game to bed earlier. His movement is elite and there aren’t any better finishers around.

Love you Auba <3

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I think he’s back to his best tbh.

His form changed around the first Southampton game where he started getting more chances when Saka was moved up from LWB.

Since then he’s been injured and obviously had his mum’s health scare but when he’s started games recently he’s been scoring goals.

Think that’s 7 in his last 5 starts no?


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Haven't been giving this don the respect he deserves, tbh...going full Auba fan girl from now on!

What was is, about 75 goals in his first 2 and a half seasons here, with Arsenal teams that weren't what they used to be, certainly in a attacking sense.

In his 2 full seasons here so far...60 goals, FA Cup and Community Shield, Golden boot winner, PFA Team of the Year, Arsenal player of the season...and this year he will carry us back to Champions League and only 17 goals away from becoming an Arsenal centurion too.

What a guy!
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I'm pleased for him. He hit a rough patch but he's come through. I just hope he can find a rhythm for the rest of the season.

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