Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang: From Thriller To Bad, Should He Just Beat It?


He’s been playing LB till Christmas. Since then he’s playing in a team that barely created chances.

Think we haven’t scored in 8 home games this season? In the league. That’s more than the last 3/4 years put together.

Auba and Laca were hitting 1 in 2 goal contributions for Wenger. Great numbers.


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Look, it's really easy to say we shouldn't have extended Auba. Yet did we have faith that the club would buy an adequate replacement?

We are stuck with a striker who can score 20 league goals a season if we give him the opportunities. It isn't the end of the world.

However, what you need to do is build your team around him and make him cf.



Forget Willian and Lacazette. There are 6 players there that can play behind Auba in multiple positions and when he needs a rest you play Martinelli up top as he is the closest thing to Auba that we have.

All the manager has to do is pick the right players behind him. Don't move him to the left, don't leave him on the bench unless he is being rested.

There is clearly an issue between Arteta and Auba. Its unfathomable how he can fall out with so many players. Auba is the type of character who shows so much emotion. If he isn't happy, it is clear to see. He still works hard, but not at the level he should be.

When he is happy, he is infectious and he has the potential to perform above his xg. So how do you keep him happy? Make him the main man, start him up front, play players with him who create chances and play at pace. Don't lump it to him in the air, don't expect him to drop in and link play. That's why you have a 10 ffs. Lacazette was basically occupying ESR'S space.

This is the key sentence. He's been here just over a year and already there's been a few explicit and implicit bust-ups. Why is it I only ever hear about this stuff at Arsenal? Do we just have a uniquely rotten group of personalities, that can't be it.

Maybe it's a bit of an act, or maybe it's genuinely just who he is, but this authoritarian style from Arteta is costing too many casualties. We simply can't afford to fall out with 1-2 players a season, it's not normal.

You get the impression Arteta is not a normal person, he's so serious, so intense. I wouldn't be surprised if lots of players opinion of him is "yeah he knows so much about tactics but tbh it was a pain in the arse". Players might put up with that if it's Pep and they think they could win the CL under him, but why would you put up with it when the football's sh*te and you're midtable?


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He’s an absolute embarrassment honestly. Imagine signing a contract like that and then letting a couple of kids carry your team out of danger as you strut around changing your hairstyle more often than you bang in goals.


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Hopefully he forces a move to another club



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Is he supposed to have the flu?

Sure noone has the flu nowadays, its non existent

Think the **** has hit the fan with him and Mikel.


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5/10 million deal in the summer would be best for all parties, I reckon someone would take a punt on him for that much.


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Another club like who? What club in europe would want a striker of his age on his salary?
Yeah it seems really unlikely. Just think we need to grow up and accept we aren't a club that can be giving out deals like his to players of his age. We need to tighten our belts massively.

Great goal scorer but can't help but feel his goals could be replaced by improved overall team play. Going to have to make transition in a year anyway. Why not sooner?


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I actually don't understand the fuss. Our attacking play has been awful all season. With the exception of Saka, who has their head held high?

Played largely on the left, he made it work last season but that was with some other worldly finishing.

Recently when playing at CF he has been getting into positions to score. At times he has missed chances but he's always had that in him.

Put.him at CF surrounded by Ø, ESR, Saka, Pepe et Al and the goals will come.


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Jesse Lingard - 8 goals in the league since January
Auba - 9 goals in the league all season

Fortunately in my Sky Fantasy I dropped Auba for Lingard before games kicked off yesterday, made him Captain too! I dont know what's happening with Auba but something is clearly going on.


If Mbappe leaves PSG for Madrid as rumored, gotta think that Auba is an ideal stop-gap replacement and PSG would be willing to pony up ~£20M to secure him. He should score a boatload of goals in Ligue 1

Let's play Aubamawang

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What Auba needs to do is adapt his game to be more team-oriented like Bergkamp did. He didn't score as many goals, but he created chance after chance for his teammates. When he's not scoring, Auba offers us very little. He barely even presses despite his pace.

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