Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang: From Thriller To Bad, Should He Just Beat It?

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Auba - Laca - Pepe front 3 is a recipe for disaster next season. But I'm sure I will be tagged when they all three stuff 3 goals against Brentford, while for the rest of the season they will do nothing worthy of note and posters will blame me for it, I somehow talked them into being so bad... Hopefully, our season finishes early so at least some of them can stat pad their season to look good!


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Haven’t been watching our preseason matches but as long as auba is getting chances I’m not concerned. He’s not gonna suddenly become a poor finisher ffs


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How many useless, ineffective performances does he have to have on the left wing before Arteta stops playing him there? It's a complete waste of time. I mean, isn't that obvious by now?

Yeah this is kinda how I feel.

I mean we've been down this road last season, so why are we here again?

If we're going to play him it really has to be down the middle now, just surround him was those technical players that will create opportunities that Auba should hopefully bury (or miss, but will score a few of them lol).


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He was great 2 seasons ago, running off the left, so it’s not a position thing for me. Besides which he appears in the middle often enough during every game, but for some reason is fluffing his lines, certainly this preseason. in yesterday’s game he had a one on one with a CB, not sure who, but couldn‘t get away, and ended up having a scuffed shot. He’s just not himself. To be honest, Laca looked better through the middle last season than Auba. I really don’t want to blame his lack of form on Arteta.


Not actually American. Unless Di Marzio says so.

He was behind the steering wheel here as well :no:


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Just read something about Willy Aubameyamg shooting a gun near his head, while live on Instagram with Pierre...this line from the article made me laugh...

"Pierre laughed the moment off nervously"

...that pretty much must be his whole life with that nutter :lol:

Is Willy older than Pierre?

Be quite embarrassing either way, to be carried in life by a richer sibling, but especially if Pierre is the younger brother.

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