Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang (Out)

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I'm not sure about that, has to uproot his family and move to Riyadh or wherever. He may just prefer to sit tight.

His mom's still sick, no? Don't think he moves his family if he is only staying there for 18 months.

Blankety Blank

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Again would be surprised if he goes there. But crazier things happened before
Cant see his bro & 'mentor' Big Willy enjoying life quite as much in Saudi🤣

Maybe its just what that fool needs 👍

Different kind of being Caned & Stoned over there!

It will not happen unless its a smokescreen to get him into Newcastle?
Auba deserves to be in a better league.

Blankety Blank

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I doubt Auba would be interested in moving to Saudi at this stage of his career...BUT surely the club wouldn't submit a bid without sounding out interest first...right?
Normally maybe not but its nice PR for the Saudi League & club being linked to a player of such status.
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