Win PL: Arsenal 3 - 1 Tottenham | Sunday 26th September | KO: 16:30 | Sky Sports

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I feel this midfield in the OP is too naive. Against bottom half teams, it's our best midfield. But against a team like Sp**s...idk man.
Exactly. That's why I wouldn't be surprised to see Xhaka start this NLD, although he hasn't played for a while, so not sure he will start. He has experience from these and the toughness for it.

Let's just pray that his latest brain fart will have made an impact on him and given him some sense again.


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I wouldn't be surprised to see Arteta go with a 433 again, I think its what he's working towards, although I think a double pivot is important to stop Kane, you really don't want him getting too much space in the number 10 position.

If we do go with a 4231 though, the question is do both Ødegaard and ESR play at the expense of Saka or Pepe. We played really well against Sp**s last time out with ESR/Ødegaard/Saka behind Lacazette. I seem to remember Tierney and ESR getting a lot of joy down the left. Maybe that's an area to exploit them again, especially with that Emerson Royal looking very shaky so far.


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@Oxeki shows head to heads, recent meetings and form guide. That’s what a professional intro looks like, worthy of A-M. If @albakos and @American_Gooner are going to let you open any more posts at least they should insist you take some lessons, like what happens when you’re caught with a traffic violation. :lol:
OnlyOne making this thread:

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It's very simple, we're going to have to up our game from anything we've done so far this season to win this. In recent years they have been far more motivated for this fixture than we have been so a bit of passion wouldn't come amiss.

Sadly our best chance to win this will be by defending solidly and taking a chance from such scraps as we create up front. You cannot use yesterday's game as an example as we were not playing the likes of Gabriel and Tomiyasu but we've been dominated aerially before in the recent past so we need to find ways of making better use of corners and dead balls (which don't involve shots on goal) to give ourselves a chance.

Also of course, counter-attacks need to improve 200%. Last night when we were only 1-0 up we had a chance to break, first pass out went to the right - and there was our chance - but the next pass was square and the following two were back passes. Chance gone. However much we may loathe them Tottenham are a better team than Wimbledon. Can't afford to sit back and then allow them to mass the defence when we have the ball.

Heart says draw, head says loss.


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Kinda crazy that a 2-0 win, will take us above Sp**s.

Only a few games ago we were bottom and they were top.


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It will be a mistake to start Xhaka. He's easily wound up and Sp**s will target him from the start. if we play 4231 go with Partey & Sambi.


This is what I'm leaning towards, ESR and Tierney killed them last time. That Emerson looks very shaky for them as well.


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It's a nice situation to have all of Saka, Ødegaard, ESR and Pepe rested enough and fit.

We'll have quality from the bench, or Arteta even might dare to do the 4-3-3 against Sp**s. But that's quite risky at this point of the season when the players haven't got much experience for it yet.


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I still can't believe Lamela scored a Rabona goal in this game last season, only to get sent off and for Sp**s to just have to get a positive result after scoring a goal like that.

Brilliance, followed by immediate collapse and's just so very Tottenham :lol:

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Think we'll win this, but that would require us scoring more than one goal, which seems to be a tall ask in the league.

Kane will most likely get his, so it's paramount we actually take our odd chance or two.


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Xhaka is coming back. Anyone missed him? Hopefully a red card and a longer suspension
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