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Win PL: Arsenal 3 - 1 Tottenham | Sunday 26th September | KO: 16:30 | Sky Sports

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Kane is a gooner deep down, he should just see our his contract and sign for arsenal.


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We have a supporter here, the kind of people who doesn't use his brain to think, only feelings.

Constructive criticism is a thing you know? I can agree with him, Saka and ESR should get more rest, if they get injured then all the good you see in 45th min will vanish magically.
😂 Every criticism you just justify it as "constructive criticism". In that way the post before

Won the game and your moaning about subs like you know anything , shut up

This can also be summed up as constructive criticism as well you know? Criticise your moaning, and then gave a solution.

So in the spirit of "constructive criticism" i think we should enjoy this. And you should just be happy for now, if not you will keep finding faults in everything and that will just be miserable. There you go, my solution for you.


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Anyone saying we didn't play well second half, we clearly took our foot off the gas.

It's like when City are four goals up against us at half time, they relax, then we look decent second half and Pep says to the media we were 'tough to beat'.


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Anyone saying we didn't play well second half, we clearly took our foot off the gas.

It's like when City are four goals up against us at half time, they relax, then we look decent second half and Pep says to the media we were 'tough to beat'.

This whole second-half business is making me laugh in one way because it 'feels' much worse than it is since even at 3-0 the fans are nervous in a big game like this. They scored 1 goal, fair enough but how many decent chances did they have?

I haven't watched it back, but I feel that was the only chance they really had to score and maybe the Kane one where he was offside, apart from that they never really got close. We defended really well.


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Today was a lot of fun. It really hit me today how much I've missed feeling like that watching this team!
The team played like they are burdened with glorious purpose. Special mention to Tomyasi, absolutely bossed the right side, win so many duels and did many interceptions. Son is just simply pocketed. It really was an interesting battle between the Japanese and the Korean. Really proud of the performance.

I got to say I am actually ashamed and thankful that despite my moanings for our supposedly-underwhelming new signings, they completely overachieve beyond my expectations in these past few weeks. For this I gotta apologize.

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A key theme which comes through for me in this game and our last is our back three’s ability to handle the opposition frontline and get the ball into our midfield. Then a combination of Ødegaard, ESR, Saka, can move into midfield to assist with numbers and pulling opposition players out.

Gives us an alternative option to creating overloads down our left and right hand sides.

Good tactical adjustments are being worked on.


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Did anyone get one of those pass maps for this game? It felt like we were more direct and more balls through the middle? Not as many crosses in from Tierney etc. Seemed like we were direct and going forward a hell of a lot more than normal?

I just can't understand why we don't do this every week. I appreciate Sp**s were awful and spent most of the game diving.

One thing I actually really enjoyed but was overlooked was the referee. He let a lot of stuff go, he just let the game flow and play out. Didn't give away any stupid penalty shouts. Was a 10/10 performance from Craig Pawson.


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I just got back from the game. Wildest crowd creation in years. In the station, outside the ground, in the pubs, and right along upper street.

I haven't enjoyed a game at the Emirates like that in years. I'm delighted today, and would write Arteta a personal apology if he keeps this running going, and proves my instincts wrong.

Anyone who chooses to bash the team today is likely just that kind of person.
This sounds incredible - wish I'd been there

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I'd be livid if one of our players played like he did today. He's a disgrace to their cock and ball.
I don't think he's not trying to give his best. People try to interpret a lot of things. All the players looked desinterested after the 3-0 which I think is not abnormal. In the first half he couldn't do anything about the result.

But I guess this shows that the margins are really small and I guess if your not 100% focused it can change a lot. Same for our players I guess. If you have a bad start at the begining of the season you are just a split second too slow and this is all it needs. Now we were on a good run + fans were amazing and you go forward with much more confidence.


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Nuno had an absolute mad one in this game.

Why the hell would you star both Alli and Ndombele in midfield, in a North London Derby....the amount of times our attack was running at just their back 4/5 yesterday in that first half, was ridiculous.

Even Ole knows to start both Fred and McTominnay in these games, ffs :lol:
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