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Win PL: Arsenal 4 - 1 Crystal Palace | Sunday, March 19 | 14:00 GMT

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Abhishek Arora

Always Hoping For The Worst
Zinchenko white gabriel Tierney
Partey xhaka
Saka Ødegaard trossard
Let martinelli get some rest after the extra time in mid week
He can join the game and trossard can move to middle
This is the best game to try this back 4 pairing since we dont know how long saliba is out for
We all know how good holding is and i dont feel arteta should take a chance with him


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That doesn't say a lot. We've seen Mustafi and Holding. Mustafi and Sokratis. We've even seen Kolasinac fill in at CB.

If Holding is beside a fit Gabriel I'm happy enough. If Gabriel isn't 100% fit then we need to rethink. Newcastle destroyed us last season when players were playing injured and not able.
You're picking out bad combinations. I've noticed more natural solidity and potential in Holding and Gabriel than I have from White and Gabriel, or from Sokratis and Luiz. The point was less about rank ordering, more about us being good to go and more than equipped to produce for the weekend.
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Loves Overhyping Our Rivals
Can't believe i'm watching 1st vs 2nd place in the 2nd Polish League tomorrow instead of Arteta-ball.

Tom Mix

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Managers don't like making many changes and Arteta doesn't experiment in games of this nature so he is likely to simply bring Holding in for Saliba. If this is the case we cannot, repeat CANNOT, allow him to be isolated against a speed merchant because that is either a goal or a sending off.

There are arguments to bring on Tierney and put Zinchenko at right back or even Tierney at centre-half with Gabriel but can't see Arteta buying into this. Even go for a back three. Won't happen.

I'd start Martinelli from the bench to give him a breather but he might see that as punishment for the penalty miss. Hope Smith Rowe gets some minutes this time round. Jesus shouldn't play 90 - I'd start him from the bench but we have enough up front with our usual suspects (including Nelson) so not worried up there.

At the moment I'd take 1-0. One more final out of the way, 10 to go and the pressure on City to win games in hand to keep our lead at 5 points. And a break which should see us get Saliba and Nketiah back and Jesus fitter.


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Holding's problem is when he bites too hard on a striker coming forward to pick up the ball. Then attackers can spin in behind him into the space he leaves (he had to sprint back a few times against Lisbon).

He also gets a little too arrogant with his passing and ball handling. He can be good on that front, but he is just not as dependable on the ball as Saliba (who also can get a bit arrogant, but lives up to it usually), and he slows the game down too much when he starts being careful. I don't think I've ever seen Holding pull off a pass like Saliba did against Fulham.

I always expect 1-3 pretty worrisome errors from Holding in a match. Maybe one from Saliba. That's the difference between them. I hope Holding is better this match with better players around him.


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Pretty much, he’s in no training pics and clearly injured himself vs Sporting early in the first half.
So th3 EL has cost us the best CB pairing in the league, I hate this tournament and never want to play in it again. Prefer to miss Europe altogether than play in this and the conference league.

Sapient Hawk

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This is about as close to a banker as you can get, with so many tough games to come this is one is like a breath of fresh air.

Very easy game, they’re in a complete mess. Expect the boys to fill their boots.

@A_G It won't be long before I start using one of A-M's well-known Maxims. It starts with "This might be".

Could also have an "it", maybe a "for" and definitely a "me" somewhere in there :lol:


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Why did they sack PV? He was doing a pretty good job

A manager in the Premiership has a shorter life expectancy than a subatomic particle. It’s probably a better long term career choice to be a door to door Crypto salesman in China.

Over last ten games Palace are rock bottom in the form table.
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