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    In light of recent developments about a player from Premier League being arrested and until there is an official announcement, ALL users should refrain from discussing or speculating about situations around personal off-pitch matters related to any Arsenal player. This is to protect you and the forum.

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Heard this is Arteta's team talk every halftime we are winning, then he demands nearly 15 minutes of complete silence.

Great manager and man!
I remember hearing that Jean Tigana once read a book at HT. Whatever works at this stage :lol:


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We won’t will the title without a headline making vicious challenge on De Bruyne late in City match or Haaland, threaten the league’s stars then they will step in and prevent the kicking because they will see the cost of doing nothing. Retaliate so brutally one time every official will call your matches tightly because they are scared you got a nutter that will snap someone’s leg if they let your technical players get kicked. Otherwise enjoy watching our young technicians get kicked to death every match.

Sean Connery gets it:

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