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Win PL: Arsenal 4 - 1 Leeds United | Saturday, April 1 | KO: 15:00 BST

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In 1979 we were victorious in one of the most exciting FA cup finals of all time and by 1989 we had built a side capable of challenging Liverpools all conquering juggernaut, I’m guessing it wasn’t all bad.

Early 80s is the time period when Brady left, maybe people voted with their feet?
Aye, and there was the acrimonious sale of Frank Stapleton to Man United as well.


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Is Saliba out then for Leeds and Liverpool?

Think we should be ok for Leeds, Liverpool on the other hand does worry me though.

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I hope Saliba can get fit after leeds just would be huge miss against bigger teams .

Good to see Thomas is fine at least


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Saliba better be fit, my reputation is on the line since my psychic powers predicted it. People will call me a fraud otherwise.


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Can’t play with a high line with Holding in it at Anfield, that’s ****. Arteta will tho since he never compromises.

Very worrying that we don’t get any news on Saliba


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I worry about our defence. With players like Holding you can get away with it for one game but when it’s a string of two or three then you’re in trouble.

Same thing happened last season.


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1 player in our starting 11 back four may be injured and people are worried. Tell you everything about how weak the squad is.
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