PL: Arsenal v Leicester City | Sunday October 25 | KO: 19:15 GMT | Sky Sports Box Office (£14.95)

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  1. EmeryCouldnt

    EmeryCouldnt Well-Known Member

    could be right, I’ll watch him closer. I’m sure Partey is the reason our midfield actually looks solid.

    I like ceballos’s mobility and dribbling Compared to other options, but that’s about it so far.
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  2. Notorious Big

    Notorious Big Drunka In Friend Zone

    Match little bit more interesting than listening Coldplay.
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  3. al-Ustaadh

    al-Ustaadh Leave Mikel Alone!!

    Saka sauce.
  4. NieThePiet

    NieThePiet Loves Overhyping Our Rivals

    playing Auba out of position so Laca can destroy every attack. nice.
  5. BigPoppaPump

    BigPoppaPump Ex-Arsenal Fan

    Isn't this guy full of sh*t?
  6. yousif_arsenal

    yousif_arsenal King of Twitter Rumours Moderator

    We really need to get 1 before vardy come on
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  7. Gooner416

    Gooner416 Established Member Trusted

    Ceballos very poor tonight, bring on Nenners.
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  8. El Duderino

    El Duderino 99 Problems But A Mitch Ain't One Trusted

    Again that’s my take, but I can see why Xhaka actively avoiding the ball can be interpreted as him being part of the play.
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  9. Manberg

    Manberg Predator

    Did not expect Leicester to be this defensive.
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  10. hydrofluoric acid

    hydrofluoric acid Many Men Wish Death Upon Me

  11. TakeChillPill

    TakeChillPill Well-Known Member

    Laca is so poor
  12. El Duderino

    El Duderino 99 Problems But A Mitch Ain't One Trusted

    Yes, but since when are you going to let that stop you?
  13. Manberg

    Manberg Predator

    Luiz making runs into the box.
  14. yousif_arsenal

    yousif_arsenal King of Twitter Rumours Moderator

    Luiz look fantastic today. Maybe our best player so far today
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  15. Sebastes

    Sebastes Statbomb Merchant

    Ffs our CB’s are more creative than this midfield
  16. Lady_Gooner

    Lady_Gooner Posting While Meditating Trusted

    Watching arsenal on a Sunday just doesn’t slap cos all I keep thinking about is how I’ve got work in the morning :(
  17. Trilly

    Trilly The John Sauce Of Ilford Trusted

    Haven’t seen us with such a vice grip on the ball in ages.

    Think this would be a good game for Pepe to come on and take risks as we seem to have the second ball on lock.
  18. BigPoppaPump

    BigPoppaPump Ex-Arsenal Fan

    I never believe fake news even if it backs my agenda. Football is all fun and games but spreading fake information is dangerous I don't joke with that.
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  19. Tomb Bombadil

    Tomb Bombadil Active Member

    Ceballos with a bad game. Lacazette ahw I don't know.

    But almost no risk from Arsenal. We are in control but still quite boring.
  20. Macho

    Macho Not Here For The Athletic's BS Trusted

    Ah Saka
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