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  1. OneAW!

    OneAW! Active Member

    Ah now we are blaming Arsène for the things that go wrong even after he left. Some people are good at spinning narratives. If he had stayed and left the club on his terms off course he would have left the club in good nick. Nothing in his history would suggest otherwise.

    The problem is that Arsène was forced out against his will before he could set such a structure up. Sanllehi was obviously brought in to replace Dein since Gaz was a rubbish transfer/contract negotiator. Problem is the owner has no balls/ambition and simultaneously brought in Mislintat. The owner seems to have encouraged both Arsène and Gazidis to set up alternate structures in some sort of stand off.

    Gazidis used the poor end to season 17/18, (caused by his own failure to extend Özil and Sanchez's contracts [Ramsey too but somewhat later] at an earlier date and lower cost, and Arsène's own frustrations with Kroenke to force him out.

    Kroenke then panicked and put the kibosh on an inexperienced manager like Arteta. Gaz pivots and gets Emery, but its not enough, Wenger's shoes are too big to fill.

    Kroenke then gets mad with Gaz and sacks him, (think the Milan thing was just Gaz landing on his feet), perhaps with a little persuading from Raul, and voila here we are.

    The only solution is Kroenke OUT!
  2. HaffBR

    HaffBR Well-Known Member

    Leno 6
    AMN 4
    Sokratis 4
    Chambers - 3 Sell
    Kolasinac 4 (Saka 6)
    Guendouzi 4
    Torreira 5
    Özil 4 (3 as AM, 5 as a forward) (ESR 5)
    Pepe 5
    Auba 5
    Martinelli 5

    Freddie - 3 Sell
  3. shootxhakashoot

    shootxhakashoot Özil lives rent-free in my head

    It's likely to matter as likelihood is Laca is going to want out and he is not one of our weaker players. There's no justice in the world if that's the case as at least he puts a shift in and scores important goals for us.
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  4. Riou

    Riou Non-Stop Nostalgia

    Feel sorry for him too...I mean how can he possibly compete with the likes of Liverpool and Leicester with nobodies like Bernardo Silva and Mahrez on the bench, barely spent a billion pounds in three and a half years too...poor guy...

    Bald ****.
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  5. Ashybashy86

    Ashybashy86 Well-Known Member

    Leno should be captain. He’ll be off to Bayern soon anyway, so would only be the customary Arsenal thing to do.
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  6. OSBK

    OSBK Well-Known Member

    Here we go for today!

    Leno- 7 dude doesnt deserve this
    Amn- 4 woeful
    Chambers- 4 not good enough for the big teams
    Sok- 4 same every week, poor
    Kola- 6 this guy drives me nuts, poor defender, poor attacker but his driving bursts create oppurtinity.
    Torry- 5 outclassed and outnumbered
    Doozi- 4 too much for him right now
    Özil- 1 great volley in his gloves on the way off
    Pepe- 6 wide guys were outnumbered always
    Martinelli- 7 ran out of steam but fought like a lion
    Auba- 2 he has no cf traits. He cant head it, he cant hold it, he cant fight and create a situation. Good player, wrong team.

    Freddie- it was niave with the lineup. He picked a team to take city on. Its ok saying freddie is learning etc but these performances weekly are killing us. We messed up badly not getting jose, we need experience now and we need the siege menality.
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  7. iamdaguy

    iamdaguy Well-Known Member

    I don't understand how you lot are blaming Özil for the loss. Chambers, Kola, and Guenzy had absolute brainfart in the three goals. You cannot blame the offensive players when defense is this bad.

    It is not the style of Özil to chase defenders all game. He's a creative player who goes into finding spaces for quick attacks. As a coach, you must fit your gameplan to the players you have.
  8. yousif_arsenal

    yousif_arsenal King of Twitter Rumours Moderator

    So you gonna leave Freddie alone like that again
  9. WiscoGooner8

    WiscoGooner8 Active Member

    No, I listed the players that occupy the center of the field and are responsible from preventing Leno from facing the gauntlet every game. Torreira might have been unfair, but the rest are garbage. Granted, no one really has looked good all year, only flashes.
  10. Gooner_girl14

    Gooner_girl14 Well-Known Member

    Özil has never been an 'aggressive' kind of player or someone who's going to do a lot of tracking back. It's never been his style, so I'm always baffled why people expect this of him. He has always been more of an elegant footballer, someone who makes the game look easy. The problem is that our midfield and defence - who are supposed to be aggressive - aren't. We have no power in CB or CM positions, we are weak. Look at how easily City ran past our midfield for their goals, and teams worse than City have done the same so often. Özil deserves his fair share of criticism and it was definitely a poor decision to give him the wages we did, but we have much bigger problems in CM and CB to fix before we can think about Özil.
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  11. shootxhakashoot

    shootxhakashoot Özil lives rent-free in my head

    Maybe mods need to mod themselves.
  12. WiscoGooner8

    WiscoGooner8 Active Member

    Agreed 100%. Get new CB and CM and all of a sudden Özil, Pepe, Laca and Auba won’t have any reason to get criticized.
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  13. Dj_sds -

    Dj_sds - Well-Known Member

    Arsène Wenger on Bayern Munich job: "I was never a candidate, I had been approached but I am not in the running for the job." Asked if that means he will never manage again: "No, not necessarily." (BeIN)

    Still saying he will manage again one day, like hes said for two years straight. This was weeks before he took the job at fifa. If he was swimming in offers he would be in a dugout by now, those are just facts.
  14. boyinneedofhumor

    boyinneedofhumor Active Member

    1. Our attack has the potential to pose questions to the top teams in future.
    2. We won't be able to find out if above is true or false if we perennially leak goals like we did today, giving opponents an advantage. And lesser breathing space for ourselves.
    3. Leno isn't one of the problems (today).
  15. Gooner_girl14

    Gooner_girl14 Well-Known Member

    The rumours about Laca wanting out have been swirling before this game, I don't think this game changed anything there. I do wonder why Laca didn't come on, as to put on ESR looks like Freddie had just given up on the game and didn't want to risk Laca for some reason.
  16. Manberg

    Manberg Predator

    The longer coaches are unassigned the worse the players will get.
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  17. Joestlaachmkr

    Joestlaachmkr Active Member

    Of course, but i did not see him in the 2nd half.
  18. Ash10

    Ash10 Jury Lite

    The one player who should be annoyed with all of this more than anyone is Leno. The dude's the best keeper in the league yet doesn’t get a clean sheet ever
  19. berric

    berric Well-Known Member

    That's Sunday league stuff we're witnessing. Genuinely, it's like they've picked random people from the street to run the club.
  20. samshere

    samshere Why so serieuse?

    We were chasing shadows for most of the second half.
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