PL: Arsenal v Southampton | Saturday, November 23 | 15:00 GMT

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This is a chance for Emery to show that he hasn’t lost the dressing room, and to show that he has some tactical nous. In terms of trajectory, we’ve not been that different from Tottenham, and Man U for that matter, this season. Despite the public backing from the board, I suspect that if Emery doesn’t turn things around soon, he’ll be Poch’d.

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If they don't win this, Emery is done imo. They won't beat Norwich away and so it'll be 6 wins from the last 21 in the PL, relegation form. Scoring less goals than Burnley and Aston Villa despite having £190m worth of attacking talent will also count against him.

I’m sorry but Norwich away is bottom of the barrel stuff. Yes they beat City early on but right now they’re the lowest hanging fruit in the PL.

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A bit fanciful to think that we're good at home & Southampton are in general making this an automatic win.

We're at our lowest ever ebb as a club under this cretin & it's not going to improve. Coupled with the fact that Southampton love playing us, it doesn't leave much room for optimism.

Also, why would the players, despite being professionals, put their effort & bodies on the line for a manager living on borrowed time?

Better to go through the motions that will hasten the hapless jester's departure & hope to impress the new boss in the summer.

Arsenal 1- Southampton 2
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I’m sorry but Norwich away is bottom of the barrel stuff. Yes they beat City early on but right now they’re the lowest hanging fruit in the PL.
Didn't they look alright against Chelsea? Think that Pukki guy will be tough to deal with.

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Also due to comments on AM I’ve made about Hassenhuttl looking like a Baden-Württemberg sex freak I’m fully expecting the chickens to come home to roost on Saturday.

again: Hasenhüttl has nothing to dow with Baden-Württemberg:mad::lol:

But you're absolutely right, that prick and his team will be hyped up and surely win.

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We're going with 5 at the back again, Bellerin and Kola will likely start.

He knows his job is up and will turn to what he think works. If Xhaka wasn't wanting out, he would start as well.


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Will be gutted if we somehow pull a win:frustrated:.
That's how much I want Un:facepalm:i out.


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Bergkamp and Henry really got their Arsenal careers going with goals against Southampton...hopefully Pepe can do the same!


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I'm all for Emery out but I have got this feeling that he's been enlightened during the international break and he is going to use the best XI, play the football we like, and show us a spirited team play for the first time.

He couldn't do that if his life was depending on it. Not in Premier League. He would've done it long time ago.
Our tactics will be to nullify Southampton sthrenghts with 5 in the back, Kolasinac and Chambers taking the wingback while Bellerin and Tierny are spared for the Europa League.
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