PL: Arsenal v Southampton | Saturday, November 23 | 15:00 GMT

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What result are you hoping for in this match?

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  1. Arsenal Win

  2. Draw

  3. Southampton Win

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  1. Riou

    Riou Non-Stop Nostalgia

    I’m definitely a nostalgia merchant, everything for me was better back in the day :lol:
  2. rich 1990

    rich 1990 Not A Big Believer In Diversity

    That's because it was.
  3. Hleb's Sirush

    Hleb's Sirush Well-Known Member

    We have been atrocious for a prolonged period now. Expectations have hit rock bottom. We could easily lose these next 3 'easy' games. At the moment there isn't a single team in this league that you would feel confident we could beat.

    It does however not take much to beat these low quality teams. Slight alterations like moving the defensive line a bit higher up the pitch, playing both Özil AND Pepe. Playing Torreira only in DM if he plays etc. That might be enough to dispatch of these minnows at home.
  4. Riou

    Riou Non-Stop Nostalgia

    Football, music, games, wrestling, films/tv...though I suppose everyone says that about a time period they like.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2019
  5. rich 1990

    rich 1990 Not A Big Believer In Diversity

    Things have gone down hill, no question. Football has been ruined by ridiculous money, referees and Makingtrax. There was an honesty about watching Keane and Vieira trying to knock each other out. Now all our captains do is throw hissy fits.
  6. Tourbillion

    Tourbillion Angry 24/7

    Social media makes today's (what should be) Keanes and Vieiras teenage girls who leave "cliffhanger" tweets.
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  7. rich 1990

    rich 1990 Not A Big Believer In Diversity

    Not only that but it's the way kids are raised now. Not enough discipline or respect for their elders and a disdain for authority. Think they know it all when they know nothing.
  8. Preacher

    Preacher Anti-Ornstein

    The smartest thing would be to not watch this game. I'll probably cave in last minute and will get another dosage of boring football.
  9. Riou

    Riou Non-Stop Nostalgia

    Santi’s last goal...
  10. El Duderino

    El Duderino 99 Problems But A Mitch Ain't One

    I'm still watching this, even though Mid Table Unai has managed to suck any joy out of watching Arsenal I might have had.

    Luckly is during lunch time, so I can focus on cooking and getting a bit tipsy instead.
  11. Tourbillion

    Tourbillion Angry 24/7

    What will you be cooking up, chief?
  12. rich 1990

    rich 1990 Not A Big Believer In Diversity

    You should cook with me, it's much more exciting

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  13. GoonerJeeves

    GoonerJeeves Up The Terriers

    In many ways, it is reassuring that down to earth posters on Arsenal Mania, such as the quoted poster, are finally laying down the law on such overzealous posters as Makingtrax. The world would obviously be a safer place without such wanton assiduity to football economics.
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  14. El Duderino

    El Duderino 99 Problems But A Mitch Ain't One

    I don't know. Probably japonese curry, even though it's hot as **** over here. Might just barbecue.
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  15. Mrs Bergkamp

    Mrs Bergkamp Well-Known Member

    Thank goodness Charlie Austin has moved on.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2019
  16. GDeep™

    GDeep™ Has Never Seen Our New Signings Play

    Only one guy was the perfect replacement for Pires, and would’ve even surpassed him - Ribery.

    Badly badly wanted us to sign him, had my heart set on it and I thought it was going to happen with our French love affair.

    First of many let downs with such players as it became clear the game had changed and we couldn’t attract the in demand players.
  17. GDeep™

    GDeep™ Has Never Seen Our New Signings Play

    Would say Ribery is the best winger of the last 20 years.
  18. Riou

    Riou Non-Stop Nostalgia

    Growing up I wanted Arsenal to sign Harry Kewell so badly, not as good as Ribery but thought he was a brilliant winger...his goal in the game that cost the league in 2003 is one of the best goals I have seen scored against us, takes it on then chest then first time across Seaman on the half volley...used to always sign him in old football games, was so jealous when Liverpool got him!
  19. MutableEarth

    MutableEarth Bloody awesome NSFW avatars Trusted

    RVP too.
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  20. Riou

    Riou Non-Stop Nostalgia

    Lovely little turn, then top corner last minute equaliser if I remember correctly.
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