PL: Arsenal v Southampton | Saturday, November 23 | 15:00 GMT

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Red London

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Didnt know the ball was rolling for the quick free kick leading Southampton’s first goal. It almost seems churlish to mention it but we had quick free kick stopped by the ref in the 1st half for exactly the same thing.

Apparently this scenario cannot be overturned by VAR. No idea why?

Just to be clear - I think Emery is a
Dead man walking regardless.
We have been poor regardless but when you compare us to Sp**s in their poor form.. they were getting points given to them by VAR. We conceded two goals that on another day wouldnt have happened, and dont get me started on the Palace game lol.

Might not seem like a big deal right now with both teams playing so poorly but these points we are losing out on from the officiating cold cost us a CL spot if we somehow turn this around...

Mo Britain

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We let a team we should be filleting get a point at Highbury and dominate us at times. Appalling. Considering all the attacking talent on show we should have got 4 or 5. Özil was good in spurts nd certainly more combative than is his wont, Bellerin still not 100%, his poor crossing was decisive.

All said and done though that was probably the worst refereeing performance I've seen this season against us, even the Atkinson shambles was better. The guy got things consistently wrong and gave them the advantage on 50/50's at maybe 10 to 1 to them. Just look at the fouls count compared to the card count. He'd never have allowed that rolling foul if we'd scored it and that conditioned the game.


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That's the norm this season
No it wasn't...



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PSG or Juventus next for him.

Arsenal fans have invented a myth or narrative of “we could’ve had him”. They’ll tell their grandchildren about this.
He is literally most overrated, egomaniacal manager of all time. Goes to a team when It's better than every other team by a mile & can spend like crazy, runs away as soon as some challenger arrives.


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We regularly allow 20 odd shots on our goal.

Yesterday we allowed 21 shots on our goal. Against Watford we allowed 31 shots. Against Frankfurt in the next game they had 24. Wolves had 24 shots.


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Tbh, I feel somewhat sympathetic seeing Emery's look last night.

If/when we change, it'll be because we've gone along and tried with him, but it hasn't worked the way we hoped.
(I do think the players tried as well; it's not like the team deliberately played to lose)
Apart from that, I suppose Emery did try to appear dignified when it comes to the media, etc.

Between him and the players, it'll depend if they can sort it out amongst themselves.
I don't think (nor hope) that they "hate" him intensely, it's probably more of frustration or confusion or differing opinions.
(Except a couple of individuals perhaps).


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If the situation was getting better I could understand the desire to stick by Emery. But we keep letting teams have an unacceptable level of shots on our goal. Inevitably teams will score if you keep giving them chances.

To put that figure into context Leicester had 25 shots on goal when they beat Southampton 9 nil. It's only a matter of time until a team will do something like that to us.
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