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PL: Arsenal vs Bournemouth | Sunday 6th October | KO: 14:00

Should OnlyOne be banned from making match threads if this is his standard?

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This is coming from someone who isn't even posting about the game. Posting about some other irrelevant game instead, f*ck off to a relevant thread if you're going to stay off-topic.

This game's been a borefest, I'm watching another game at the same time. Matchday threads go often off topic.

At least I'm posting about football. You're always whinging about other posters. Tiresome.


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Getting overran in the middle. Would also think about subbing Saka who has been ineffective today.


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Arsenal in play, are currently 3rd in the Premier League, 2 points behind Man City in 2nd. We're well off Liverpool, but that's because they have made an amazing start to the season.

We've lost once in the first 8 games, and unless Bournemouth get seriously better in the 2nd half, we should close this game out easily enough.

We've two top class full backs and a striker to come back from injury after the upcoming international break. Basically about 150 million worth of talent.

We're bringing through youngsters again after years, that are actually good enough to play Premier League

And you'd swear we were about to be relegated listening to some people here.

Get a grip guys...

Very good post and you are right. But what's on my nerve is this team has the potential to be 3rd best in the country easily but underperforming in the middle because of Xhaka. The incoming players will not solve that.


Attack has been ****e. Pepe constantly losing the ball, Saka with a poor touch and Auba getting no service. Midfield need to get in the game.


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This is quite poor. Bournemouth are looking brighter and we can't get going. Our passing is really bad so far in this half.
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