PL: Arsenal vs Bournemouth | Sunday 6th October | KO: 14:00

Should OnlyOne be banned from making match threads if this is his standard?

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Good point. I think the return of Héctor and Holdini along with Tierney’s arrival might help keep that from happening.

People seem to love to slate him over his wardrobe, hair, veganism, whatever but he’s miles better than AMN at RB. I truly believe Holding can be the calming influence on our defending that BFG once was when we defended well as a team. And Tierney, well he’s a ****ing beast that’s a real threat crossing into the box - also miles ahead of his replacement.

I still worry about our strange lack of creativity in a midfield I think has some real talent. I think this squad can finish much stronger than last year’s. Let’s hope...


totally stealing that.
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